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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Uí (Ordana) - Nature, protection of forests and sylvan races
Marau-Ixuí (Terra) - Balance of the life cycle, terra, birth, fertility, seasons
Uatumá (Zirchev) - Hunting, survival, bravery
1. According to the phanaton mystique, the phanatons are the antithesis of the aranea, destined from birth to hunt to stop their proliferation. Given that among the Herathians are hidden the hated shapechanging spiders, the Jibarú take their task extremely serious and catch any intelligent creatures entering Jibarú from the border with Herath, and subject it to special tests in order to discover if it has the traits an aranea or of an innocent before freeing it.
2. Naturally, due to the phanaton myths, the demonic creature par excellence in the Jibarú religion is the spider, or the patron of the Herathians. This shows that both Korotiku and Aracne Prime are considered enemies of the phanaton people and their Immortals.
3. Knowing that the Herathians are extremely expert in the arcane arts and that they are able to change their looks with ease, the phanatons fear and view with suspicion in particular the forester spellcasters that use arcane magic. The phanatons however don’t discourage their own kind from undertaking the way of the mage, and to the contrary consider precious the arcane knowledge learnt from the Wallara, since thanks to them they can more effectively oppose the aranea. In fact the phanaton mages (no sorcerers exist in this people) are held in great esteem and often command bands of their kind in war. There are no Jibarú specialist mages due to their too primitive culture.