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Dwarves, Kogolor

by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Fredar (Frey) - Passion and strategy in battle, virility, loyalty, agriculture, fertility
Fredara (Freyja) - Women warriors, fertility, love, abundance, beauty, nature
Garal Glitterlode - -Gnomes, inventors and thinkers, science and mechanics, crafts
1. The Kogolor dwarves belonged to the first generation of dwarves created by Kagyar before the Great Rain of Fire. Following this cataclysm, Kagyar noted that the dwarven race was slowly disappearing because of the Blackmoorian radiation and of the incapacity of adapting to the new climatic situation. So in 1800 BC he took the most robust clans, altering them to make them more resistant to the radiation and magic, and transported the new dwarven race (Denwarf) into the region of modern day Rockhome and Vestland, while the few survivors of the old race (Kogolor) were abandoned in the central-eastern mountains of Iciria, the central continent of the Hollow World. Kagyar lost interest in the old dwarves, and these found themselves abandoned in a new world without any reference points. After over a century of hardship and fighting for survival, in 1680 BC in the land of the abandoned dwarves arrived the Antalian heroes Fredar and Fredara, and thanks to their intervention the dwarves were able to free their mountains from threatening giants and from the bestial creatures that threatened their survival, supporting the efforts of the most numerous clan, the Kogolor, turning to the creation of a safe and secure nation. The epic deeds and the love of the two siblings for the population remained impressed in the dwarves, which immediately after their ascension took to worship them as Immortals on the intercession of the Kogolor clan (who afterwards gave their name to the entire race), who were joined a century later by the cult of Garal, another unique Immortal who has shown predilection and interest in the struggles of the Kogolor. In 1400 BC the dwarves should repulse an invasion of Schattenalfen that speared from underground, and succeeded in the attempt thanks to the intervention of the Denwarf, mandated by Kagyar to help them on the request of Garal. Afterwards they had to fight with the Krugel orcs, and at the moment maintain guard posts in the mores exposed passes in order to pinpoint and eventually block invasions of Krugel and Schattenalfen (their sworn enemies). The Kogolor have a more open and social character than the Denwarf, without a particular obsession for jewels and gems, but with the same propensity to the crafts of the modern dwarves. They donít particularly like fighting, even if all the dwarves are trained to know how use at least a spear and a polearm (nevertheless not using the typical weapons of the Denwarf like battleaxe, warhammer or other racial weapons). They are particularly expert in the art of yodelling, that is the capacity of making the voice resonate from one peak to another (used for the exchange of messages between the various communities), and in the production of beer and spirits.