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Orcs, Krugel

by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Karaash - Humanoids, war, victory, conquest, tactics, strength
The Krugel orcs derive from a band of orcish cavalry that managed to survive at the defeat of Sardal Pass in which the horde of Queen Ubdala of the Broken Lands was routed by the dwarves in 492 BC. The orcs commanded by the fearless Krugel managed to resist until the last, and Karaash was struck by their military preparations and bravery, so shortly before the final attack of the dwarves, he chose to save them and transported them into the Hollow World, in a flat, semi-arid area to the east of the Neathar, of the Oltecs and of the Icevale elves. Here the orcs headed by Krugel managed to use their knowledge and created a society based on one side on the raising of herds of livestock and horses, and from the other on the raiding of the neighbouring humans. Following the death of their leader, these humanoids were renamed the Horde of Krugel, and today they are known as Krugel orcs by all the cultures of the region, as well as by the distant Azcans and by the Schattenalfen with which they often entertain trade relations of dubious nature (the orcs make raids behind payments of compensation on the part of these two peoples). The Krugel orcs are very faithful to the creed of Karaash, who they see as the saviour of humanoid stock, and live in constant symbiosis with their horses, which they look after and protect as if they are their most precious goods. The Krugel have enemies on all sides: to the north the Antalians, to the south the Kogolor, to the west the Neathar and Oltecs, but this doesn't do anything else but stir up their pride and their wish for victory and conquest.