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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Vanya - Victory, strength, honour, pride, war, female power
1. The Kubitts are a race of humanoids 40cm tall, a cross of wood imps and pixies created by the Alphatian mage Korubazunth in the year zero as assassins for use against his enemies. Unfortunately, Korubazunth created the Kubitts far too aggressive and clever, so much so that when he ordered them to kill at his command, the Kubitts rebelled en mass and assassinated him, gaining their freedom. It was at this point that Vanya noticed them, and in order to avoid them from being discovered and exterminated by the Alphatians because of their crime, she took them under her protection and transported them en mass in the Hollow World, admiring their fighting spirit. Here the Kubitts managed to carve out their own space thanks to the courage and cooperation and now live in a small wooded valley in the southern part of Iciria (between the lands of the Traldar and Milenians), where they have built their own kingdom on the branches of the trees, to shelter from the terrestrial predators, becoming in their own way predators of the unaware beings (animals and humanoids) that come too close to their hiding places. No civilisation as yet has discovered them, and their wood enjoys a sinister fame among the neighbouring Traldar and Milenians that therefore try to avoid it whenever possible, because of the clever deceits perpetuated by the Kubitts, which constantly dig enormous footprints on the land and leave warning messages in diverse languages, attempting to make foreigners believe that this is a land inhabited by ferocious giants. The Kubitt society is matriarchal because of the influence of Vanya: ruled by a Queen who selects her husband based on his physical gifts and courage on the battlefield. The Kubitt women occupy the key positions both in the army (where they are the only officials that have the right to negotiate with the strangers) and in the administration of the various cities, without offending the males.