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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Asterius - Wealth, guile, social climbing, merchants, thieves, messengers
Talitha - Self-gratification at the expense of others, egocentricity, betrayal, deceit, greed, thieves and assassins
Loki - Deceit, lies, betrayal, intrigue, guile
Protius - Oceans and marine creatures, water, capriciousness, travel
1. The city of Landfall was founded as a pirate lair in 930 AC and isnít famous for its faith in the struggles of the Immortals. Nevertheless some sects exist that have for a time set root in this city full of suspicious traffic and scoundrels and that have resisted the various changes of hand that it has undergone since the foundation of the settlement (first Thyatian, then Alphatian). In particular, Asterius is the dominant cult, imported by the Thyatians that founded about a century ago and is revered both by merchants and especially by the thieves (a profession very popular in Landfall). The clerics and followers of Asterius must nevertheless compete with those of Talitha, an Alphatian Immortal protector of every type of scoundrel, pirate and assassin more insidious and active in recruiting members for his organisation. For decades the streets of Landfall have been a theatre for a ruthless war between rival bands, behind which are hidden the interests of the two cults and the fight between the two Immortals.
2. In the city of Landfall is also present the Lodge of Loki, a criminal organisation that worships the lord of lies and sells its services to the highest bidder. It doesnít have stable allies, and its support is always on the part of those it deems to gain the most possible, not hesitating to betray the agreements if this plays to its favour. For this it is considered, equally with its followers, a highly unreliable organisation. But for the ability and cleverness of its members remains always an optimal resource for anyone wishing to undertake illicit actions in secret and without bearing the risks.
3. The cult of Protius is rather rife in the city of Landfall, due to its port and the sea represents his major source of income.
4. The Temple of Vanya maintains a military enclave in the city of Landfall from the moment of the Thyatian conquest, although the faith in Vanya is shared by some citizens and clerics who are more committed to maintain order and combat the criminality and to make proselytes. These clerics, despite being Thyatian, are in optimal rapport with the Heldannic Knights, who donít hesitate to intervene every time that the Temple requests their help, to be useful for strengthening their presence in the region with the consent of the Thyatians.