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Land of the Wallara

by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Agundji, the Rainbow Serpent (The Great One) - Life, creation, heavens, colours, knowledge, dragons
Barramundje, the Great Mother (Calitha) - Rivers, water, billabong, fertility
Genjoo, the Crocodile Spirit (Ka) - Earth, healing, wisdom, magic
Warruntam, the Spirit Eagle (Ixion) - Hunting, war, fire, bravery, quickness
Spirit of the Sun (Diamond) - Sun, light, justice
Spirit of the Stars (Opal) - Stars, travel, perseverance
Spirit of the Moon (Pearl) - Moon, night, instinct, death
1. The wallara are humanoid chameleons (distant relatives of the dragons) with a strong mysticism (similar to that of the Australian aboriginals). They worship the Immortals as if they are nature spirits that act for the only aim of bringing balance to the world, and they are considered the elected heirs of these spirits, guardians of the natural world and of the traditions of an age by now forgotten by the rest of the world. In reality itís because of an ancient Herathian spell that had removed their memory millennia ago that the wallara have fallen into a stone age, losing their knowledge, their past, and has given them a distorted version of the truth. Only the Immortals, dragons and aranea know the truth, and only thanks to a pact between Korotiku (patron of the Herathians) and the Great One (patron of the Wallara) have the Herathians been saved from the vengeance of the dragons.
2. The Night Spider (pseudonym of Aracne Prime by the Wallara) is the sworn enemy of the pantheon that protects the Wallara, seeing that he embodies all the worst flaws and vices of the Herathian enemies of the Wallara, or oppression, deceit, destruction and greed. It was because of the paranoia provoked by the words of the priests of Aracne Prime that the most powerful aranea mages invented the spell of oblivion in order to remove from the minds of the Wallara the knowledge of the true nature of the Herathians, whose spell took control and that ended by completely removing the memories of the Wallara, returning them to a primitive state.
3. Among the Wallara both mages and sorcerers enjoy great respect, as well as the priests of the various Immortals, and often act men of medicine (mendoo), as well as commanders in times of war.