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Meghales Amosses

by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Karaash - Humanoids, war, victory, conquest, tactics, strength
Yagrai - Humanoids, obstinacy and tenacity, death and necromancy
Lizard King (Demogorgon) - Lizardmen, corruption, necromancy, witchcraft, disease
Bachraeus - Hate, vengeance, betrayal, serpents, poison
Kiranjo - Minotaurs, greed, violence, fury, cruelty, massacre
Rathanos - Fire, energy, power, male supremacy, pride
Ixion - Light, sun, strength, knowledge, strength, balance, oppose evil
1. The Meghales Amosses is a desert that extends to the south of the Meghala Kimata and occupies nearly a third of the entire eastern Davanian region. It is thought to be inhabited by ferocious humanoids of various races (orcs, hobgoblins and ogres) followers of Karaash and Yagrai, by the dangerous sisíthik (lizardmen of the hot deserts) followers of Demogorgon, as well as by tribes of medusae and lizardmen who worship Bachraeus, by clans of seasoned minotaurs protected by Kiranjo, and by human descendents of Oltec and Neathar survivors at the collapse of the respective civilisations, who are divided between followers of Rathanos (especially Oltecs), of Bachraeus (Milenians) and of Ixion (both ethnic groups, probably in a new civilisation). It is probable that some of these races live underground in hidden complexes of caverns and tunnels in order to shelter from the heat of the desert during the day and from the harsh temperatures during the night. In particular a sect of followers of Bachraeus probably exists that comprises humans, medusae and lizardmen that have moved underground, and that are constantly fighting with the minotaur followers of Kiranjo and with the goblinoids protected by Yagrai.