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Immortals actively worshipped in the Minrothad Guilds

by Marco Dalmonte

Here's the list of immortals who have got a cult established in Minrothad:

Twelve Watchers
Calitha Starbrow
Thendara (Ordana)
Ruaidhri Hawkbane

1. Ruaidhri Hawkbane is a national hero who attained immortality, now considered protector of racial purity and hunt, as well as bane of lycanthropes.
2. Saturnius has been chosen as patron of adventurers and sailors as well as pirates and privateers, and he has got many followers in Minrothad where his faith and Calitha's cult have never allowed Protius's cult to flourish. Oddly enough Protius is somehow considered an evil immortal in Minrothad and associated with death at sea.
3. Asterius has only got one temple in the capital city of Minrothad, built and supported by Darokinian merchants. He's got not many followers, mostly foreign merchants, because all native merchants and artisans believe in Augrism or Minrothism. Because of the strong competition between foreign merchants and Minrothaddans, Asterius has then assumed a negative connotation that often makes him the enemy of Minroth, patron of thieves, merciless moneylenders and con-men.
4. Larril Hermitage can be found on Blackrock Island. It hosts a community of 6 mystics and 12 clerics of Razud, who live here thanks to the meagre donations of the islanders. Since the number of worshippers is not enough, Razud does not appear in the list of immortals worshipped in the Guilds.
5. There are many clerics of Sinbad living in the Minrothad Isles, but none has ever founded a shrine nor settled in any of the Minrothaddan communities (since Sinbad's preaching imposes them to live as nomads). For this reason Sinbad does not appear in the above mentioned list.