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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Ka - Reptiles, lizardmen, protection of life, knowledge, healing, prosperity, wisdom, magic
Lizard King (Demogorgon) - Reptiles and lizardmen, necromancy, corruption, destruction
1. The Malpheggi are lizardmen of swamps that lived in the southern area of the Known World (current day regions of Darokin and Ierendi) from the age of the Great Rain of Fire. Because of the telluric upheavals provoked by the earthquakes and by the volcanic eruptions between 2000 and 1700 BC, the Malpheggi found themselves divided between those isolated inn the newly formed Ierendi and those remaining on the mainland (in the area today known as the Swamp of the Malpheggi). The Malpheggi of the continent were able to survive rather well until 1000 BC, when the arrival of the humanoids and of the Traldar became a constant danger and drastically reduced their number. The Malpheggi of Ierendi instead were able to establish a more peaceful relationship with the Makai natives that shared the island, but this relative stability was interrupted in 900 BC, when the Nithians conquered the islands with force. Unfortunately, the Nithians brought with them a parasite deadly for the lizardmen, which began to die generation on generation. When they understood that the cause was the Nithians, the Malpheggi cast a curse on the Nithians and in 500 BC they revolted against the rulers in a bloody war (also intended by the Immortals in order to punish the Nithians) that destroyed both the populations. Before it was too late, Ka was able to save a dozen of Malpheggi, curing them of the parasite, and placed them in a swampy region in the forests between the lands of the Gentle Folk, Oltecs and Azcans. It took centuries before the Malpheggi were able to repopulate the area, but thanks to the protection of Ka and to an existence marked by secrecy and prudence, returning to be a numerous and respected people. Now they donít allow anyone to enter or settle in the swamp without the explicit consent of their chiefs, and often act as guides or mercenaries for the neighbouring Azcans and Schattenalfen.
2. Almost all the Malpheggi worship Ka, considered the protector and divine patron of the species, the one who has given life to the world and the knowledge in order to dominate the Malpheggi. They are extremely territorial and the philosophy of Ka has always taught them to be cautious and not rash, therefore the Malpheggi observe and study the moves of enemies or intruders before acting in order to confront them, and always attempt to not show fear or hesitation. Some tribes however have been converted to the cult of the Lizard King (Demogorgon) listening to the corrupting promises of his priests, and act in a hostile and warlike way against any entry into their territory, thrusting to raid the neighbouring lizardmen, Azcan and Oltec communities without any remorse, in the name of the Immortal of destruction.