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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Mother Forest (Ordana) - Protection of forests and sylvan races, nature, fertility
Mother Nature (Djaea) - Survival of the world and of living races, natural balance, respect of life, druidism
Father Sun (Ixion) - Light, sun, fire, strength, war, knowledge, preserving the balance and order
1. The Emerondians are green-skinned alien humanoids with a metabolism extremely similar to that of plants, simply requiring the sunís light and a series of salty liquids for survival. They have settled in the Davanian tropical forests, a little to the south-west of the current Davanian Hinterlands, in an unknown moment of the past, after being stranded on Mystara with their flying ships following the explosion of their native planet. Here they established their new homeland, and succeeded to acclimatise to such a point by creating a sort of empathic and symbiotic bond with the forest. Their technology is so advanced that it allows them to create living buildings, giant domesticated insects, and hidden cities in the undergrowth.
2. The Emerondians are an extremely shy and equally religious people: they venerate the forest as an Immortal and the elemental forces as their ancestors. According to the Emerondian mythology, Father Sun is united with Mother Nature from the dawn of time, giving light to the daughter Forest, who later became the mother of the sylvan races, parent and protector of the Emerondians themselves, elevated above the other races for their intelligence and obedience. The Emerondians therefore felt themselves invested with the divine task of protecting the kingdom that Mother Forest has given them, and all the beings (animals and plants) that live there, having taken care to respect the laws of nature to all those that are adventuring in their territory. Because of this the Emerondian priests are all druids in the service of Ordana (who responds to their prayers and is considered the most important among the Immortals), of Djaea (patroness of life and of the natural balance) or of Ixion (patron of light and strength, associated with war in the rare cases in which the Emerondians are forced to fight, an activity considered too animalistic and barbaric).