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Immortals actively worshipped in the Northern Reaches

by Marco Dalmonte

And for Hugin's joy, this is the list of immortal who got temples and clerics in the Northern Reaches (Vestland, Ostland and Soderfjord). There might be others that I have still to think about, though:

Frigg (Terra)
Spooming Nooga (Protius)
Norns (Urd, Verthandi & Skuld)
Snotra (Maat)
Brage (Guidarezzo)
Vor & Var (Tarastia)
Hircismus (Leptar)
The Shining One (Kurtulmak)
Surt (Zugzul)
Father of Demons (Thanatos)
Bagni Gullymaw

1. The Norns are the three goddesses that spin the fate of gods and mortals alike in the northmen's traditions. They are Urd (past or birth), Verthandi (present or life) and Skuld (future or death). Nowadays only Skuld is left to guard the secrets of the Multiverse's destiny (Urd and Verthandi disappeared aeons ago), and she is granting powers to the clerics of the triad all over the universe (the most famous being the Crones of Crystykk in Norwold).
2. Frigg (Terra) was the main goddess of the Antalian Cult together with Odin, as the two are considered the parents of all living humans. With the passing of time the cult of Freyja increased its influence among the northmen and the role of Frigg got resized. Now she's only considered patroness of birth and agriculture.
3. Thanatos is worshipped as Father of Demons by the Modrigswerg dwarves that live isolated underground beneath Vestland and Soderfjord. In fact after striking a deal with him, they gained access to the secrets of necromancy and life-binding magic to create intelligent items.
Thanatos was also known as Darga in Vestland, where he had a small cult (he was considered the Reaper of Souls) until the followers of Forsetta burnt down his temple (the Lanquist Priory) and chased away his followers in the IX century AC (see module X13).
4. Loki, Hel, Hircismus (Leptar), Father of Demons (Thanatos) and the Shining One (Kurtulmak) are the immortals worshipped by the kobolds living in the Northern Reaches, each one patron of a different clan of kobolds.
5. Zugzul is worshipped by many fire giants under his identity of Surt.
6. Gylgarid has a small cult in northern Vestland worshipped by fanatical berserkers and reavers, although his main temple is located in Heldann.