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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Thanatos - Death, entropy, destruction, decadence, oblivion, corruption
1. The island is found to the east of Cestia and is composed in large part by mountains in the central part, while the coasts are fertile covered with tropical vegetation. Colonised by the Oltecs thanks to the Rainbow Bridge in 3000 BC, its inhabitants remained isolated after the Great Rain of Fire, judging themselves safe in their new motherland. The island was discovered by some Tanagoro explorers between 1600 and 1200 BC and colonised, and the local Oltecs mixed peacefully with the new arrivals (giving life to the Oceanian ethnic group), gaining information on the surrounding world and began to entertain commercial exchanges with the distant Tangor. In 1200 BC the existence of the Oceanians was disturbed by a sudden and brutal invasion, the work of a multitude of Night Dragons sent by Thanatos and led by Synn. The survivors of the massacre fled with in total haste to nearby Cestia and settled there, trying without much success to peacefully coexist with the Cestians. From that moment the island of Oceania became the abode of the night dragons, entropic beings that serve Thanatos and that guard a precious secret for their patron proper in the heart of the island (even if nothing is known about the nature of this secret). The night dragons regularly prey on any ships in the vicinity of the island, and from time to time have also ventured onto the Cestian coast in search food and slaves to carry off. These raids however are rare, given that the Cestians have learnt to defend themselves and that the dragons anyhow receive from Thanatos the entropic energy necessary to their maintenance.