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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Kor Yis (Koryis) - Peace, prosperity, diplomacy, mercy, tolerance, respect of laws
Ssu-Ma - Knowledge, memory, books, education, history, order, tests
Ta Lai Si-Fa (Tarastia) - Law, order, truth, justice and just vengeance
Nin Fang-Le (Ninfangle) - Rakasta, bravery, travel, battle, hunting, impossible deeds
Mao You-Li, Powerful spear (Saimpt Malinois) - Lupin, hunting, war, courage, just vengeance, arms and armourers, hunters of lycanthropes
Wei Long (Great One) - Creation, justice, cosmic order, magic, dragons
Chai Shi Hui (Loup) - Death, ferocity, winter, night, survival of the strongest
Heng Shang (Eternal General) - War, battle, discipline, loyalty, victory, soldiers, pragmatism
An-Ying Zhu Hou (Aracne Prime) - Spiders and aranea, deceit, oppression, obscurity
Pharamond - Power, magic, ambition, deceit, cleverness, stealth
1. The Ochaleans are for the majority followers of the so-called religion of the Celestial Court and likewise respect all those that belong to this great universal bureaucracy. Show below are the names of all the Immortals of the Celestial Court for convenience, with the translation from the Ochalean:

2. Some of the Immortals of the Celestial Court have a following largely among the Ochaleans by having real individual cults that are related to the state religion, that is Koryis (Immortal protector of Ochalea), Ssu-Ma (considered the patron of knowledge and culture) and Wei Long (the Great One, patron of justice and cosmic order).
3. Tarastia is one of the few Thyatian Immortals whose individual cult has a strong grip among the more just Ochaleans and among the Thyatians resident on the island.
4. Malinois is the protector of all the Ochalean lupins, with the exception of the more scholarly Chow-Chow who are committed to Ssu-Ma and of the warlike Shar-pei, devoted to Heng Shang (the Eternal General). Nearly all the lupins and various Ochaleans also fear and respect Chai Shi Hui (Luup), patron of death, ferocity and winter.
5. Many tribes (the majority of which are isolationist) exist of pardasta rakasta that live in the wildest areas of Ochalea (in particular in the forests and in the few areas of foot mountains), all devoted to the cult of Ninfangle.
6. Aracne Prime is worshipped by a sect of evil assassins guided by aranea disguised as humans.
7. Pharamond has been selected as the original patron and protector of the ogre-mages remaining in Ochalea.