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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Liena - Norwold, war, history, discipline, order
Odin - Authority, guile, knowledge, wisdom, sky, storms, winds
Frigg (Terra) - -Creation, balance of the life cycle, birth, prosperity, fertility, earth, shepherds and farmers
Thor - -War, battle, fury in battle, honour, bravery
Kagyar - -Dwarves, crafts, metallurgy, sculpture, construction, miners
Magni (Bemarris) - -Battle, strength, exterminate dragons, defenders Norwold
Frey - -Passion and strategy in battle, virility, loyalty, friendship, agriculture and fertility
Freyja - -Women warriors, fertility, love, abundance, beauty, Seidh (prophecy), valiant souls
Tarastia - -Law, order, truth, justice and just vengeance
Asterius - -Trade, wealth, travel, guile, thieves, messengers
Protius - -Oceans and marine creatures, water, capriciousness, travel
Loki - Deceit, lies, betrayal, intrigue, guile
1. Oceansend is a city founded by an expedition of Thyatian colonists in 900 AC. In the following decades, it has integrated Heldanners natives, and other dwarven, halfling and elven colonists from Thyatis, eventually becoming the most cosmopolitan city of Norwold. Its nature is a mishmash of Thyatian bureaucracy and Antalian traditions, dwarven architecture and halfling cheerfulness, and created a port of great charm and of incredible commercial and strategic value for all the region of Low Norwold. Because of this it has suffered several attacks by the Alphatians and Heldanners and a long period of Alphatian occupation from 941 AC to 972 AC, ending with the winning of their own total independence only a score of years ago (even if it has kept good diplomatic relations and an informal alliance with the Empire of Thyatis). Due to the mixture of races and ethnicities that compose it, in it there are also found numerous temples and religions typical of the populations they inhabited, first among them for number of followers is the cult of Liena, divine founder of Oceansend and mother of the Emperor Thincol, who is now considered patron of the city and Norwold. Her cult has eclipsed that of Vanya, who has not been able to find a way to manipulate the few followers in the city, clearly hostile to the Immortal due to the conquest by nearby Heldann operated by the threatening Order of Vanya in 955 AC.
2. The Immortals of the Asatru are the most popular after Liena, with Odin, Frigg and Thor at the front, worshipped both by the Heldanners as well as by the Thyatians, and Frey, Freyja and Magni (son of Thor and an incarnation of the Immortal Bemarris, extremely respected as patron of strength and hunter of dragons, that in Norwold are a constant threat for the humans) to close the list.
3. Stormhaven is a dwarven stronghold founded in 910 AC, when intrepid dwarven explorers emigrated from Thyatis towards Norwold in search of fortune and new mines together with a small gnomish community. Dwarves and gnomes live partly in the strongholds at the feet of the southern mountains of the Final Range and partly in the city of Oceansend, and have imported the cult of Kagyar among the locals, gaining a discrete following among the humans and hin. Kagyar is worshipped by various craftsmen and artists, who seek in the divine inspiration the spark in order to produce work that gives prestige to the city and to who made them.
4. Asterius, Protius and Tarastia are the only three Thyatian Immortals that have taken hold in the Oceansend community and have successfully secured the veneration of the people. Asterius and Protius in particular are extremely favoured as they represent the wealth and prosperity that comes from hard work, trade and the sea, all aspects that characterise the daily life of the inhabitants of this city. Tarastia instead overlaps with the Immortal Var as patron of justice and fairness, and is often invoked both in private and in public for gaining wisdom and first judgement of an important decision.
5. The only secret cult present in Oceansend is that of Loki the lord of deceit, to which homage is given by the criminals of each species that are gathered under the protection of the Lodge of Loki, a criminal organisation that has ramifications in all the cities of low Norwold and is led by an unreal master called the Puppet, whose hideaway and identity is an unsolved mystery.