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Pearl Islands

by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Korotiku - Liberty, nonconformism, guile, cleverness, clear thinking, positive cheating and subterfuge
Pyro (Ixion) - Sun, fire, order, knowledge, strength, preserving the balance, banish the darkness
Ashanti (Valerias) - Love, passion, desire, sexuality, charity, fertility, arts
Father Ocean (Protius) - Oceans and marine creatures, water, capriciousness, travel
Mother Nature (Djaea) - Survival, natural balance, respect of life, druidism
Turmis - Bravery, arrogance, cleverness, epic deeds, adventurers and boastful thieves
Calitha - Oceans and water, prosperity, sea elves, fertility, travel, fortune
Nicktu (Nyx) - Darkness and obscurity, undead, night, necromancy, secrets
Masauwu - Intrigue, deceit, fiction, illusions, manipulation of the minds of others, corruption, thieves, spies, cheats
Sharptooth (Crakkak) - Predators, hunting, strength, ferocity, sharks
1. Among the Nuari the predominate cult is that of the triad Korotiku-Pyro-Ashanti, considered the creators of the world. Nevertheless there also exists a small cult that worships the Immortals considered “dark” like Masauwu (considered the dangerous and envious brother of Korotiku), Nicktu (the dark sister of Pyro who presides over death and night) and Sharptooth (embodiment of marine predators and ferocity, counterpart to Ashanti). This attitude is explained with the need of satisfying both the positive and negative Immortal in order to maintain the universal balance according to the Nuari belief. There are therefore present priests devoted to these three dark Immortals among the Nuari, they offer them gifts in order to avoid offending them, while following and worshipping with much more passion the positive Immortals.
2. The cult of Mother Nature (Djaea) is present among the Nuari together with that of Father Ocean (Protius). Both embody two fundamental aspects of islander life: the life on the mainland and that in the sea, two inseparable ecosystems and governed by these inscrutable entities, who must be satisfied with sacrifices, prayers and respect of natural laws for obtaining the favours.
3. Given the epic deeds that he completed himself in the Pearl Islands before ascending among the Immortals, the cult of Turmis is well rooted among the Nuari, who consider him a demigod patron of bravery and guile.
4. In the Pearl Islands also live some sea elves originally from the Minrothad Guilds (see the information in Dawn of the Emperors), that settled here after the first contacts with the Nuari in order to create a trading station administered by the Guilds. Among them the worship of Calitha, patroness of the sea elves is popular.
5. There are several itinerant priests of Sinbad among the Nuari, but despite them being respected they haven’t founded public temples and don’t possess sufficient followers to justify the insertion of Sinbad in the above list.