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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

The Merchant (Asterius) - Trade, wealth, guile, social climbing, travel, messengers
The Judge (Tarastia) - Justice, law, order
The Ambassador (Masauwu) - Politics, diplomacy, intrigue
Kagyar - Crafts and metallurgy
1. City founded and led by the LB Trading Company as a freeport, among its inhabitants Richland numbers humans, tortles and shazak. Situated to the north of the Colony of the Horn, in Trident Bay, it is a self-sufficient city of about 2000 souls that was used as a frequent port of call by the Texeiran ships in this remote area of the Savage Coast. Due to its position in the Haze lands, it is also in an optimal spot in which to go for not enduring the deleterious effects of the Red Curse. In the city only one temple rose dedicated to the main Immortals of the LB Trading Company, or the Judge, Merchant, Ambassador and Kagyar.
2. In the city there are present followers of the tortle and shazak pantheons, but no temples dedicated to their Immortals.