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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Bel (Ixion) - Sun, light, fire, strength, war, heroism, knowledge
Vanu (Valerias) - Love, desire, sexuality, beauty, fertility, protection
Dallbard (Tiresias) - Poetry, music, legends, magic, prophetic revelations, visions
Vanya - War, conquest, victory, pride, honour
Turlock (Chiron) - Sylvan races, arts, healing, knowledge, wisdom
Wayland - Metallurgy, engineering, crafts, magical constructs
Mother Nature (Djaea) - Survival of living races, natural balance, respect of life, druidism
Silenus (Faunus) - Sylvan races, animals, revelry, sensuality and instincts, drunkenness
Manadyn (Protius) - Water, oceans, marine creatures, capriciousness, travel
Farbautides (Loki) - Guile, deceit, intrigue, fire
Eiryndul - Elves, illusions and deceit, guile, jokes, adventure
Bartziluth - Bugbears, fury, battle, bravery, strength
1. The cult of Bel and Vanu and their children is well ingrained in Redstone, given that the inhabitants of this county are considered for the most part descendents of these Immortals. In particular Turlock is most admired and also has followers among the centaurs and the sylvan races that populate Redstone.
2. The Temple of Vanya has successfully converted numerous Dawners to her cause, alerting the mythology to its own liking in order to present the Immortal as the Immortal that brings new glory and prosperity to the Dawners. Besides the natives, practically all the Thyatians present in the region (for the majority soldiers) are followers of the Grey Lady, and this has naturally given much importance and power to her order.
3. A druidic cult, which has been handed down from father to son and founded by the Neathar has existed since their arrival in 2000 BC. The Dawners that worship Mother Nature are many, in spite of how it can be thought, since they consider nature as a power that permeates the island rather than as a person on a par with of the ancient Immortals. For this Djaea can boast some followers and various priests among the Dawners, who have always been educated on the preservation and respect of the territory in which they live.
4. Eiryndul possesses many followers among the elves that live in the Redstonian forest, descendents of a group of Shiye who preferred to remain in the area after having taken contacts with the fey that live there, instead of searching for another land to colonise. These Shiye are still followers of Eiryndul, but donít have much rapport with the Alphatian Shiye and are rather evasive in the struggles of the humans, preferring to live besides the fey.
5. Farbautides is worshipped by the goblins to the south of Redstone, while Bartziluth by the bugbears to the north.