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Immortals actively worshipped in the Shadowelves Territories

by Marco Dalmonte


The mysterious kingdom of the shadowelves (whom they call Shadowrealm) comprises the underground regions of most of the Known World nations, barring Wendar, Heldann, Sind and Thyatis (and the isles, of course). Rafiel's cult is the monotheistic religion shared by 99% of the shadowelves and is therefore widespread in the Shadowrealm.
Atzanteotl is Rafiel's archenemy, the immortal who is trying to corrupt the shadowelves and turn them to more destructive aims and practices (the annihilation of all life above ground is his primary concern). He has many secret cults within the kingdom and some powerful worshippers also in King Telemon's court, making his cult a dangerous and threatening power in the shadowelves' world.