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Shadow Coast (Provincia Septentriona and Meridiona)

by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Tiresias / Dallbard - Visions of the future, dreams, poetry and music, astrology, prophetic revelations, legends, magic
Solarios (Ixion) - Sun, light, strength, knowledge, opposing evil
Vanya - War, conquest, victory, pride, honour
Valerias - Love, protection, charity, fertility
The Black Prince (Orcus) - Violent death, mass destruction, undead, sadism, cannibalism, lycanthropy
The Lady of Darkness (Nyx) - Darkness, obscurity, night, magic, undead, necromancy, secrets
1. Tiresias enjoys a large follower base in the Shadow Coast, can count both on those who worship him as Dallbard (the native Dawners) and on the particularly superstitious Thyatian colonists who have settled in the Provincia Septentriona. His clerics enjoy a remarkable authority especially among the Thyatians, for their supposed ability of predicting and influencing the future. In particular, the blind prophetess called Sibilla, who lives in a sacred grotto in the woods to the south of Laticea and writes her predictions on sheets of parchment that she jealously guards, is also famous in the motherland. For this many of them (and also many fakes that pose as clerics of Tiresias) make the most of the superstitions of the followers in order to gain favours and obedience, frequently challenging the supremacy and the authority of the governors and of the priests of the other Immortals.
2. Given that the Shadow Coast is famous for being a difficult territory to colonise due to the presence of monsters, dragons, undead, humanoids and sects of demon worshippers, among its inhabitants the cult of Solarios (Ixion), King of the Sun and lord of light that banishes the darkness brought by these cultists and by their demonic creatures, is extremely more popular than in the motherland. Positioned at his side is the cult of Valerias, lady of charity and love and in this case protector of those that defend the security of the hearth, who represents the feminine part of the light and the perfect wife of Ixion. The Cult of the Spouse of the Sun has also made proselytes among the natives, which have associated the two Immortals to Bel and Vanu, Immortal symbol of the Dawners legends. The popularity of the Spouse of the Sun in this area is equal to that of Vanya.
3. In the Shadow Coast, furthermore, the Brotherhood of the Grey Lady (Vanya) has a strong presence, which is used by the governors as an armed branch to help the Thyatian troops in driving away the beasts and monsters that too often come out of the forests in order to attack the villages and the peasantry. Because of their role of defenders of the Thyatian population, the priests of Vanya have made many proselytes in the two provinces, and most clerics attract the faithful with the promise of glory and wealth for all those that fight in the army of Thyatis or in the circus games.
4. The Thyatian province in the Shadow Coast have all along had to face the interference of secret cults devoted to the Black Prince (Orcus) and to Our Lady of Darkness (Nyx), worshipped by the monstrous creatures that live in the depths of the forests of the region and by different groups of outcasts and necromantic fugitives in the colonies. We’re talking especially about lycanthropes, vampires and other undead joined with the Minrothaddan navy in the V century AC, which spread the plagues of vampirism and lycanthropy especially in Meridiona (nearly destroyed the settlement of Furmenglaive, conquered afterwards by the Thyatians in order to bring back order in the region).