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Saragón (Savage Barony)

by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Valerias - Love, art, passion, fertility
Al–Kalim - Knowledge, tolerance, honour
Milan (Mealiden) - Travel, adventure, bravery
The Judge (Tarastia) - Justice, law
The General (Thor) - War, courage, honour
The Ambassador (Masauwu) - Politics, intrigue, diplomacy
1. The Saragóners are famous for being a people of students, thinkers and scientists. For this they don’t give great importance to the religion seeing it as blind devotion towards higher forms of life, preferring to concentrate their resources on the study of the mysteries of the universe. However, acknowledging the more enlightened state of the Immortals in respect to that of the simple mortals, they respect the Immortals and allow any wish of elaborating on the knowledge and embrace the creed within the nation. Also because of this extreme religious and social tolerance they are often criticised by the nearby Narvaezans fanatics.
2. Among the Saragóner beliefs, all the known Immortals have equal importance and deserve their respect, without any prevailing over the others, even if the cults of Ixion and Vanya have been excluded in order to avoid internal dissent and excessive dogmatism, as is happening in the nearby baronies of Narvaez and Torreón. Al–Kalim in particular, despite his cult is the most recent in respect to the others, has assumed equal dignity and importance with the Saragóners given that his priests have given a remarkable contribution to the development and to the civilisation of the state in the last thirty years, and is considered the patron of learning and tolerance, typical characteristics of Saragón. The veneration of al–Kalim popular in the Savage Baronies is less tied to the orthodoxy found in Ylaruam (linked to the Dream of the Garden in the Desert and to the cult of the Immortal Guardians) and more patterned after the figure of al–Kalim as master of life and centre of the cult, as well as on his Dreams of Justice and Honour.