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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Ixion - Strength, war, heroism, sun, light, fire, preserve order
Eternal General - War, discipline, loyalty, victory, pragmatism, soldiers and mercenaries
Tarastia - Law, order, justice
Khoronus - Good government, knowledge, history, philosophy, patience, diplomacy
Valerias - Love, passion, beauty, arts, fertility, protection, charity
Mother Earth (Terra) - Creation and protection of all forms of life (animals and plants), balance of the life cycle, birth, prosperity and fertility, nature
Kagyar - Crafts, metallurgy, sculpture, construction, miners
Hel - Reincarnation, corruption, death, darkness and cold energy
1. The Kingdom of Thonia (also called New Thonia) is a human dominion founded by the survivors of the disaster at Blackmoor, who fled from ancient Thonia by sea until they resettled themselves on the plateau that houses the current kingdom, situated on a peninsula to the north of Esterhold and just south of the arctic polar circle. The area is understandingly extremely cold, a vast plain rich in pastures and herds of horses, delimited by a series of mountains to the northeast (Superstition Mountains) and by volcanoes to the southwest. However, thanks to a warm current that comes from the Bay of Thorin and touches the Thonian coast to the south, the southern region of the kingdom enjoys milder climate and is in effect the most fertile and in which the majority of the population is located, while the north of the peninsula remains uninhabited and much more wild, dominated by some particularly warlike tribes of humanoid followers of Hel that live in the swampy area known as the Thonian Marches. Nothing of certain is known on New Thonia, save that it has the traits of a monarchy ruled by a King (see adventure IM3), which frequently supplies mercenaries (heavy cavalry and pegataurs) to the neighbouring Alphatian Empire and to Qeodhar (from adventures CM1 and M2), which doesnít have its own fleet (or anyhow doesnít have a significant navy, given that its troops always travel on the ships of others), and that has a church (adventure IM3, where it is cited that the two cities of Glevum and Serison each of which has an Archbishop) and a state religion that is possibly the heir of the High Church of Thonia of 4000 BC (in this case would be one of the most ancient human cults still in existence). These characteristics make the kingdom similar to a fantasy medieval monarchy at the level of Karameikos, most evolved of the neighbouring regions and for this are in a position to bang heads with the humanoids and contain their expansion.
2. The choice of attributing to Thonia as principal religions the cults of Ixion, Tarastia and of the Eternal General is purely arbitrary and it is based on the little information shown above (in particular Ixion would be the patron of the numerous pegataurs that live in Thonia and of the nobility, while Tarastia has the task of protecting order and justice and the Eternal General would be the emblem of the nationís martial spirit). It is also probable that there are other Immortals in the pantheon of the Church of Thonia dating back to the Blackmoorian period, and because of this have also been inserted the cults of Khoronus (ancient patron of Blackmoor), Valerias, Terra and Kagyar.