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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Garal - Gnomes, inventors and thinkers, science and mechanics, crafts
Mother Earth (Terra) - Creation and protection of all forms of life, balance of the life cycle, earth, birth, prosperity and fertility, nature
Great One - Dragons and lizardkin, creation, justice, knowledge, magic
1. The region of Thorin is prevalently mountainous and is found enclosed between the Bay of Thorin to the west, Thonia to the north, Nentsun to the east and Jen to the south. Comprising for the most part spiky mountain chain, and a forested valley that is found between the Thorin Mountains and the Jennite Mountains. Before the Great Rain of Fire it was probably the birth land of the Valemen, conquered later by the Afridhi in their march against Ancient Thonia. Nothing is known about this region, but it is thought that it could have been colonised by groups of gnomes placed here by Garal after the Great Rain of Fire, which are able to survive thanks to their talent and to the exploitation of the mounting resources and of the underground contest with the intelligent and monstrous creatures that live in the region (mostly dragons). Other gnomes could finally inhabit the wooded valleys to the south of the Thorin Mountains, in a difficult co-existence with some green dragon clans of which they are enemies or slaves. It is further probable that in the last centuries the Thorin gnomes could also have come into contact with groups of Denwarf dwarves originally from Alphatia and intending to colonise the area of Esterhold.
2. There is a strong probability that the garls (primitive giants) that lived in this region at the time of Blackmoor have been able to survive by hiding in the subterranean caverns of the mountains, and that after millennia of life lived in the depths of the earth, perhaps partly affected by the radiations, have mutated and constitute a constant threat for the gnomes and the dwarves that live in the mountains and underground. The garls are particularly primitive and could follow any type of cult that has something to do with their natural habitat and with the land. Because of this it is extremely probable they are followers of Terra and Kagyar or of Immortals linked to darkness and destruction like Hel and Thanatos.