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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Protius-Oceans and marine creatures, water, capriciousness, travel
Talitha - Egocentricity, greed, deceit, betrayal, thieves and assassins
Ptahr (Kagyar) - Crafts, sculpture
Razud - Self-determination, courage, strength, independence, authority
Rathanos - Fire, energy, power, male supremacy, pride
1. Trikelios is a city-state of Thothian origin conquered about 15 centuries ago by Alphatia and famous for its builders and carpenters, considered the best of the Isle of Dawn. Given the vital importance of the sea for the Trikelians, the ancient cult of Protius, lord of the sea and marine creatures, is the most important of the city, and the Immortal is considered the protector of the settlement.
2. Trikelios is also famous from being a corrupt city and in which criminality is widely spread. For this the Alphatia cult of Talitha has many followers and the Order of Silence is placed as a political power and intimidator in a position to dictate the rules of the game both to the merchants and governors. Its ramifications have also reached into nearby Ekto, but the principal temple is to Trikelios and it is even considered an open place to the public cult, whose followers and officials havenít mad a mystery of their own affiliation (as instead happened in other parts of the empire). Given its power, the Order also receives some more or less lawful donations, which contributes to sustain its wealth and criminal operations.
3. The Temple of Ptahr (Kagyar) is third most important and wealthy after those of Protius and Talitha, just because of the fact that the carpenters and joiners are the richest on the island and enjoy respect and wealth, which in part is donated to the cult in order to gain favours and support.
4. Razud embodies for most of the Alphatian colonists the ideal of independence and determination necessary for freedom, and also has some followers in Trikelios, although the coercive influence of the cult of Talitha has severely weakened the purpose of the presence of the Razudians on the territory. It is the open war between the Order of Silence and the followers of Razud proper for the will of these last of eliminating the corruption brought forward by Talitha, and naturally the Order abused its position of superiority in order to favour the totally neutral cults and attribute respect to his projects (like Protius and Ptahr) and hammer instead more or less openly those rivals. That of Razud still has many followers, but the temple of Alphatia has been totally eradicated from the city.
5. The Cult of the True Flame has a small temple Trikelios and various followers of Thothian extract (a reminder of the period in which the city was still dominated by Thothia). The followers of Rathanos present in the small Alphatian dominion have acted for some time in order to gain the support of the Alphatians in an attempt of overthrowing the Thothian government in the hands of the sect of the Spider of the Night and reinstate the rule of the lawful protector of Thothia (so they say), or Rathanos. Unfortunately the Alphatians of Trikelios donít like interfering in internal political problems of external states and havenít ever openly support the actions of these insurrectionists (yet still continue to grant them asylum and protection). The cultists of Trikelios collaborate closely with those of Ekto and with the secret Thothian resistance in order to dethrone Ramenhotep and his evil consort, attempting both to hire expert assassins for an attack and foment the population against the rulers (and in this found useful collaborators among the members of the Order of Silence), in the attempt of awakening the Thothians from the apathy in which the mysticism of the Spider of the Night has made them sink.