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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Manwara (Protius) - Oceans and marine creatures, water, capriciousness, travel
Polonius - Tritons, architecture, magic, arts and crafts, creativity, tradition
Malafor - Sailors, dolphins, protection and prosperity of aquatic races and marine ecosystem
Tallivai (Calitha) - Sea elves and aquatic races, oceans, lakes and rivers, travel, prosperity, fertility, good luck
Sharpcrest - Kna, prosperity through trade, underwater hunting
Crakkak - Sharks, shark-kin, predators, hunting, strength, ferocity
Kallala - Aquatic spirits, seduction, malice, cleverness, femininity
Saasskas - Destruction, conquest, oceans, necromancy, devilfish
Gorrziok - Sea and storm giants, oceans, extreme natural phenomena, creation and destruction
Slizzark - Kopru, domination of the weak, power, corruption
The Silver Hunter (Ruaidhri) - Extermination of lycanthropes, courage, hunters
1. Undersea is an underwater kingdom that extends under the nations of Ierendi and Minrothad and in the area known as the Sunlit Sea, which goes from the southern coast of the Known World until the undersea terraces that delimits the oceanic trench known simply as Abyss of Dread (in which dwell the devilfish, undead beings at the service of Saasskas, and creatures of the abysm of dimensions and horrible forms). Undersea is made up of many fiefdoms and regions, each inhabited by the different races that make up the population of the Sunlit Sea. The Queen Tarovra (a triton) rules both the fiefdoms and the council of the nobles with wisdom, firmness and justice, in the name of Manwara, uncontested lord of the depths and patron of all the aquatic races.
2. Besides the veneration of Manwara, every race recognises a specific hero who became an Immortal thanks to its exploits, who is shown as the symbol of all that is typical of that specific sub aquatic race. Thus Polonius is the architect and the sage par excellence, patron of the tritons; Calitha (called Tallivai by the underwater elves) is the creator of the Frond of Life and inspiration of the principles of pacifism and of the way of the sea (the Elendaen); Malafor the Dolphin Friend is the protector and the hero of the sailors of the Sunlit Sea, the one who taught his kind the language of the dolphins and forged with them an eternal pact of brotherhood; Sharpcrest is the initiator of the economic underwater empire of the kna, the one who taught his descendents the art of trade and opened the path to transoceanic travel; Crakkak is the opposite of Malafor, the hero who has killed the most dolphins and forged an everlasting alliance with the supreme predator of the oceans, the powerful shark, gave to the shark-kin their current abilities; Kallala is the first of the nixies, the aquatic spirits, the one who gained from Manwara the siren powers and who gave birth to the nixie race; Slizzark is the founder of the kopru empire, the first to develop the power of dominating the weaker and the most lofty among the kopru; Gorrziok finally is the first giant to have united the powers of the water and the air, the one who taught the sea giants how to live in communion and how to prosper.
3. Saasskas is the only true Immortal who is opposed to the prosperity of the races in the Sunlit Sea. She constantly looks for allies among the more voracious and unfaithful members of the subaquatic races, converted them to her cause and transformed them into velya (aquatic vampires) or into weresharks in order to better control them. All the devilfish that live in the depths of the Sunlit Sea worship her, together with the undead that she creates herself in her palace in the ruins in the Abyss of Dread, amassing a horde of undead that are unleashed in the moment in which the invasion would begin.
4. Many underwater creatures, furthermore, worship Ruaidhri, responsible for having saved Undersea from the plague of the lycanthropy brought there by the trade with the surface world during the last millennium thanks to the massacre completed in the Night of the Long Knives.