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Western Orclands

by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Karaash - War, strength, victory, conquest
Zugzul - Fire, war, power, conquest
Ait-tha (Talitha) - Deceit, greed, thieves, assassins
1. Ghonam, Sulkar and Yamekh are the three tribes that live in the north-eastern area of the Arm of the Immortals, stretching between the sea to the east and the mountains and the Eshu plateau to the west. They are the humanoids that fled from the Orcís Head Peninsula in order not to be subjects of the great tribes that dominate that region, and are in perennial fights between them for the territory. Each tribe worships a different patron: the Ghonam (the most numerous, about 3000 individuals between orcs and half-orcs) are followers of Karaash, while the Sulkar (tribe of about 1000 orcs in which the few females dominate, considered vital for the survival and therefore respect) honour Ait-tha. The Yamekh (about 2200 orcs) instead paying homage to the volcano that dominates their territory as if it was an Immortal, offering prisoners in sacrifice so as to placate its fury. Zugzul responds to the requests for divine intervention by the Yamekh orcs.