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West Portage

by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Asterius - Trade, wealth, guile, social climbing, communication, thieves, travel, merchants, messengers
Protius - Oceans and marine creatures, water, capriciousness, travel
Twelve Watchers - Crafts and mysteries
Vanya - War, conquest, victory, pride, honour
1. West Portage is a city founded by the Thyatians as a port of call for trade with the Isle of Dawn; later on it became a real dominion thanks to the flourishing traffic that passes through its wharfs. The most popular cult is obviously that of Asterius, patron of trade and travel as well as of all those individuals that make the illegitimate and illicit traffic a real trade that to West Portage is extremely worthwhile. The Temple of Asterius is the grandest and richest of the entire city, built with the donations of the merchants and especially of the thieves who have been enriched thanks to the divine good will and that now operate behind a front of responsibility in order to continue their traffic undisturbed with the support of the local governor.
2. Protius is the second most famous Immortal in the city, and there are numerous small altars dedicated to him along the coast, where the sailors and their families are able to pray for good results for every expedition by sea.
3. Augrism is the third most important cult of the city, and the Twelve Watchers are worshipped by all those workers that have a minimum of interest for the spiritual side of life. The majority of the inhabitants of West Portage think only to scrape a living without preoccupying themselves with revering this or that Immortal, but the clerics of the Twelve have always helped and supported all the craftsmen and honest workers, so much so that their proselytism is favoured among these classes has given birth to a strong sentiment of gratitude and affection towards this Immortal, patron of hard work and pragmatism.
4. The Temple of Vanya of West Portage possesses few adepts, more than other clerics and soldiers of the army, given that the enormous majority of the West Porters tried to avoid the fight in any way and of resolving the dispute with guile or deceit, and it therefore isnít a good land of proselytes for the Immortal of conquest.