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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Viuden (Odin) - Good government and authority, sky, storms, winds, knowledge
Donegal (Thor) - War, battle, fury in battle, honour, bravery
Brian (Frey) - Passion, strategy, virility, loyalty, friendship, fertility, agriculture
Brianna (Freyja) - Abundance, fertility, beauty, love, women warriors
Vanya - War, conquest, victory, pride, honour
Dallbard (Tiresias) - Poetry, music, legends, magic, dreams, prophetic revelations
Wayland - Metallurgy, engineering, crafts, magical constructs
Arnelee - Independent women, liberty, adventure, travel, loyalty, guile, sincerity, knowledge, messengers
Manadyn (Protius) - Water, oceans, marine creatures, capriciousness, travel
Nyt (Hel) - Corruption, death, reincarnation, darkness and cold energy
Karaash - Humanoids, strength, war, tactics, victory, conquest
1. The cult of Viuden is predominant in the region, together with those of his divine children. Doesn’t appear instead the cult of his supposed spouse, Dun, or of Bel and Vanu, since they are considered protectors of the enemy clans by the dominant tribe of Westrourke (Brianna replaces Dun and Vanu as patroness of love and fertility with the Westrourkites).
2. Vanya has a large following in Westrourke, caused by the strong presence of Thyatian military and clerics in the southern area, and of their constant engagements against the orcish tribes that threaten the southern settlements.
3. Dallbard has some followers among the more popular classes. In particular the clerics of Dallbard are extremely respected by the community and frequently travel from one part to another of Westrourke acting as judges and advisers of the clan heads. Moreover it is extremely important in Westrourke that at the end of each day, the bard of the village intones the Song of Thanksgiving of Dallbard, since it is a common belief that this protects the village from the wrath of the Immortals.
4. Nyt is patroness of the orcs that live in the hill and in the southern plateaus, even if her ancestral domination on these populations is contrasted in the last centuries by the cult of Karaash, which has tried to steal followers through tribal wars and the strained proselytism.