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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Yav - Yavdlom, seers, prophecy, protect the flow of time
Calitha - Oceans, lakes and rivers, travel, fertility, good luck, marine races
Tiresias - Visions of the future, dreams, poetry and music, astrology, prophetic revelations, legends, magic
Father Time (Khoronus) - Flow of time, knowledge, history, philosophy, good government, patience, persuasion, diplomacy
Fugit - Flow of time, memory, history, experience, knowledge
Pyro (Ixion) - Light, sun, fire, strength, banish the darkness, preserving the balance and the universal order
Ashanti (Valerias) - Love, passion, desire, sexuality, fertility, beauty, arts
Korotiku - Liberty, nonconformism, guile, cleverness, clear thinking, cheating and subterfuge
Gorrziok - Oceans and extreme natural phenomena, creation and destruction
1. The Yavi are an ethnic group derive from the Tanagoro colonies who settled in the area in 2200 BC. Later on a clan of elves, the Sheyallia, also settled in the area of Thanegia (the largest island of Yavdlom), and with time the elves and Tanagoro mixed their blood giving origin to a population of half-breed elves with Negroid traits or of Tanagoros with elvish traits equipped with the gift of the prescience. The course of the events brought the elves to flee following a civil war unleashed by them against the Yavi seers, leaving the seers and the Tanagoro to live in the region. It is therefore actually possible to find among the Yavi both pure members of the Tanagoro race as well as half-breeds with elvish traits, who always show gift of prescience.
2. The Serene Divinarchy of Yavdlom is a nation led by seers and whose laws are based on the Book of Yav, left in heritage by the greatest oracle of Yavi history and founder of the nation. For this in Yavdlom the future has particular importance and those people which show gifts of prophecy are recruited by the government and trained to fulfil their own destiny becoming divinators and oracles, taking good care to never altering those things that have already been predetermined and don’t abuse their own powers. Similarly, since in Yavdlom prophecy is a fundamental part of the mystic and religion, the Immortals linked to it have the maximum veneration. There are four Immortals associated with the Yavi divination: Yav, the High Oracle; Tiresias, the blind singer; Calitha, one time protector of the elves and now associated with the sea and especially to fate and fortune; Fugit, Immortal with particular interest in the preservation of the flow of time and past, present and future history; and Father Time (Khoronus) the wise who watches over the stream of events and on the knowledge of history.
3. Among the Yavi is also present the cult of the Tanagoro triad for excellence, Korotiku–Pyro–Ashanti, which based its own roots in the original ethnicity of the actual Yavi.
4. Among the Yavi is also present the cult of Gorrziok as the extreme natural phenomena like tornadoes and typhoons are frequent in the Peninsula, and the Yavi really associate it with Gorrziok, lord of waves and storms. He is worshipped and invoked to placate the natural calamities or in order to invoke them, and any tribe that even prays to him in order to unleash typhoons and seaquakes against their enemies.