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Immortals actively worshipped in Ylaruam

by Marco Dalmonte

Here you have the list of Immortals worshipped actively in Ylaruam.
Note that Ranivorus, Kagyar and al-Kalim are officially mentioned in the GAZ, the others are my additions.

al-Kalim [leader]
Ranivorus [opposing leader]
Corona (Zugzul)
Set (Bachraeus)
The Hated Mother (Demogorgon)

1. In Ylaruam the Eternal Truth is the state religion. All other faiths are allowed as long as they do not preach against al-Kalim or the Eternal Truth. These cults can only manifest their worship privately and cannot have public temples (indeed the Entropic deities are all worshipped in secret hideouts). The Dwarven Cult of Kagyar is widespread among the dwarves only thanks to its informal structure. The cult of Asterius is the only one that has been kept active by Thyatian and Darokinian clerics, thanks to the support and the protection of wealthy merchants in the appropriate quarters in the most important cities. Every other faith has no permanent place of worship nor followers inside Ylaruam.
2. Ranivorus replaced Thanatos as leader of the immortals working AGAINST the Ylari ever since Nithia's downfall.
3. Sinbad is remembered in many Ylari legends as a national hero, protector of adventurers and travellers, but there are no places of worship dedicated to Sinbad inside Ylaruam. However, there are many wandering clerics of Sinbad travelling through Ylaruam.
4. The Hated Mother is considered by the evil cultists in Ylaruam the spiritual mother of Ranivorus and Set. Their cults are always closely linked and often collaborate to further their mischievous plans.
5. Corona is worshipped by the deranged Magian Fire Worshippers, evil fire obsessed wizards and necromancers that work in the shadows to rebuild an empire centred on their corrupt ideals.