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Additional History for Karameikos

by Eric Folland

I wanted to create a campaign for characters starting in Karameikos. This was to take advantage of the numerous modules written in this setting. The only problem with this method seems to be accommodating the characters once they obtain name level or higher. There just weren't that many modules to handle this from the Karameikan perspective. Handling dominions and pitting barony vs. barony are great things to tackle. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to be very possible from the tame Karameikan origin. You'd have to venture out to Norwold, Isle of Dawn, or some other fringe to create a palatable rivalry with other domains to rock the balances while still appearing status quo for those challenging areas. Not anymore. I created a sequence of events in Karameikos to couple with adventures you wish to run from there. Hopefully, all will fall in place....

Things you need:
-Well rounded party with varying classes
-Organised DM to match adventures with the other goings on in the Duchy
-People with open minds able to handle the changes(the Duchy will never be the same)
-All characters, if possible, be native Traladaran

AC 985- The Traladaran characters assemble in Specularum. Their first mission is to escort a caravan to Luln. They are attacked by Fort Doom mercenaries before arrival, which they take care of. In Luln, the Church of Traladara has a priest requesting the party to go on a quest to help recover the possible shield of Halav. Sascia of Luln arranges the meeting. They are to leave for Threshold in three months to begin the quest. While in Luln, the party hears of strange tales of frightful zombies north of Luln outskirts. It is at this side venture that the party meets the lightning zombies and Benekander. Upon return to Luln, the party receives news of the caravan they once protected chancing an unescorted return trip to Specularum. The rumour is that all the trail riders appeared to have been melted alive! All cargo stolen. More on this later.

AC 985 Second Quarter
Party leaves Luln en route for Krakatos. Not far from Luln, they meet another caravan appearing to suffer the same fate as the previous disaster. The flies and stench are difficult to stomach seeing the attack was recent. The most intelligent person in the party determines the bodies suffered melting from massive amounts of acid. They warn passing travellers as to the grotesque sight while continuing to Krakatos. From Krakatos, they turn north to Kelvin, then on to Threshold to meet with the arranged Traladaran priest. They begin the quest for the shield in the Hail the Heroes Mystara campaign. They return the shield to the priest in Threshold and escort him to Kelvin.
AC 985 Third Quarter
The party continues to adventure. Five Shires pirates raid on a Fort Doom shipping vessel turns brutal. Furious swordplay kills all attackers leaving only two rowers from merchant vessel alive. They survive long enough for Fort Doom pirates to save them. They are anxious to spread the news of the deadly halfling pirates of the area(their competition).

AC 985 Fourth Quarter
The party continues on basic level adventures. Rumours reach the radical Cult of Halav that the shield of Halav may have fallen into the hands of the Church of Traladara. An aggressive campaign to claim the shield begins. The Church secretly keeps the shield in Kelvin. Witnesses in Luln spot a Fort Doom raiding party sack three neighbouring homes and drag their chained, screaming occupants into the woods.