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***ADDing to Mystara***

by Jonathan Nolan

From the contributors to the Mystara PBeM I run / the Mystara Grimoire: (these are all from different campaigns but looking at them all together it would make a pretty damned interesting world that's for sure...)

Zakhara / Al-Qadim is in the Utter West beyond Hule
Golden Huzuz as a city in western Hule
Al-Qadim map ignored but cities dotted around Ylaruam

Io from Council of Worms beyond the Pearl Isle in the eastern ocean

Athas-style Sorcerer-King city ruling Hule
Athas as a relatively nearby planetary system
Gladiator rules used in Empire of Thyatis
Preserver and Defiler strongholds in Glantri
Forest Ridge on Arm of the Immortals

Draconians used as monsters quite commonly
Towers of Sorcery set in Glantri
War of the Lance based in Wendar and plateau beyond Glantri

Red Wizards - several people have sprinkled them or their spells into Glantri or elsewhere, one DM has 'cookie cuttered' Thay in toto as a realm beyond Glantri to the North
Pirates of the Sea of whatever used for Minrothad Guilds
Shadowdale added as an area of Karameikos
Zhentil Keep added to Ylaruam as an emirate
Dungeon Adventure series set in and around ruins of Myrkul temple in swamp set on Karameikan coast

Tomb of Horrors in Malpheggi Swamp
Lendore Isle [Secret of Bone Hill / Assassin's Knot] has been put in the middle of the ocean on Mystara.
City of Greyhawk on Skothar - Flaeness out there somewhere

LaTerre campaigns (two known) where Mystara is a legendary world and the action takes place from Dark Ages to Renaissance on a recognisable Earth
Use of 'Mighty Fortress' in conjunction with Chronomancer rules and Nouvelle Averoigne time travel

Lankhmar off coast directly opposite Specularum/Mirros

Ochalea is a Japanese Oriental Adventures setting.
Kara-Tur is placed above the Savage Coast within Hule

Boldavia as Barovia from Ravenloft
Mordenheim as an isle off Norwold's coast, approx. 20 miles out to sea

Rock of Bral orbiting the Mystaran sun near where the Asteroid belt will be i.e. near Damocles
Athas as a relatively nearby planetary system
Spelljamming ships and races occasionally visiting Mystara