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Adjacent Solar Systems/Crystal Spheres

by Håvard

Whether you prefer a standard Spelljammer model for Mystara's Galaxy or the Gold Box model, this thread is meant for dicussing other Solar Systems connected to Mystara.

Old Alphatia (aka Alpha Centauri)
The Gold Box states that Alpha Centauri does not posess magical knowledge, but I just felt the names here made sense. It is possible to separate between these two though. This entire Solar System is filled with breathable air. As a consequence, the Systems only planet was ripped apart, being turned into an Asteroid Field. The asteroids are inhabitable and various factions now fight over dominance in the system. This world is detailed in M1: Into the Maelstrom

Pyrithia (aka Epsilon Eridani)
This is the home world of the Pyrithians, a green skinned race from which Mystara's Emerondians descend. They are expert geneticists using various large insectoid creatures as mounts and for performing other functions. Many Pyrithians arrived in Mystara's solar system after being contacted by Blackmoorians. These Pyrithians now make a livelyhood as pirates in Mystaraspace, but do not have the means to return to their original world.

Federation Space
This is more likely a cluster of Spheres/Solar Systems rather than a single one. It is the home of the FSS Beagle which milennias ago was lost on a mission and ended up crashing near Blackmoor. It is inhabited by a technologically advanced green-skinned humanoid race, possibly related to the Pyrithians (Perhaps Pyrithia was a remote Federation colony). The Federation collapsed not long after the Beagle crashed. It is unclear whether they still possess any advanced technology or whether they are also reduced to relying on magic or other powers. The Federation is known to possess knowledge of psionics.

Adaptor Homeworld
Adaptors hail from another Solar System. This shape shifting race is sometimes in contact with Federation Space. They live on many worlds/planes, but their code prohibits bringing knowledge between worlds.

Planar Spider Space
Planar Spiders use Saucer-like ships. They are merchants travelling between worlds. They are most likely in contact with all the worlds of Mystara Space.

The World of Aelos is not too different from Mystara. It is however ravaged by the time travelling Oard. Aelos is detailed in CM6: Where Chaos Reigns.

New Blackmoor
When the Great Rain of Fire struck, a fleet of Blackmoorian Space Vessels were cut off from their homeworld. They decided to seek out a new home, establishing a colony in another Solar System. This part of Space is a source of technology, but is troubled by Skandaharian Space Raiders.

Nithia Space
This world resembles Old Egypt. It was settled by Gate Travelling Nithians during the height of their civilization. These Nithians never looked back. Gnolls and Hutaakans are also found here.

Taymora Space
This Solar System was colonized by the Ancient Taymorans. IT is a world of NEcromancer Kings, Undead and Lycanthropes. Even Planar Spiders stay away from this Solar System.

Some say it is another Dimension, but LaTerre may also be visited through travelling through the Void. It is a world closely resembling Earth during the Middle Ages, but dominated by dark powers.

The World of Technology resembles Earth in the 1980s. Some believe this is a future version of LaTerre. It is detailed in IM1: The Immortal Storm.

This is the world where Mystara's Dragons came from.

Nightmare Space
This Solar System has been invaded by travellers from the Nightmare Dimension. Diaboli, Malfera and Brain Collectors are the dominant races here.

Midgard Space
This Solar System features a large disk-like world. It has been shown special interest by the Antalian Immortals. Midgard is connected to a series of other planes through the Yggdrazil, the World Ash, which is a planar nexus rooted here.

Draeden Space
This Space has no planets, but powerful vast creatures known as the Draeden live here. Even the Immortals shun this place.