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Adri Varma magical items

by Gilles Leblanc

Rod of Oil Divining

Description : This looks like a normal divining rod ( a wooden branch in a Y form used to search for water ), except that it is made of dark pine wood and is finely polished.

History : First created by the Sol-Klorian wizard Klarshmal who then taught his three apprentices the secret of their creation, these rods are all in the possession of some merchant, adventurer, alchemist or wizard from Sol-Klor. A total of fourteen were created in all by Klarshmal and his three apprentices since AC 934. Klarshmal and two of his apprentices have since past away but Sulak the remaining apprentice still lives and is the only person who knows how to make the rods.

Game Details : These rods usually 2d20 charges left into them and can have a maximum number of 50 charges. Upon the expenditure of a charge the rod strongly points in the direction of the biggest nearest oil source. If more than one oil source is to be found, the user will only know about the one containing the most oil. An oil source could be an oil lantern, an oil refinery or an underground oil well. The rod's area of effect is a circular area centred on the caster measuring 1 mile in diameter.