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Dragon parts offered for sale. A rogue green dragon terrorising the elves of Achelos Woods has been defeated and its corpse brought back to Mirros. Except for the chest area and various burns by magical spells, most of the dragon is still intact, including the head, wings, claws, and even the brain and heart. Contact Mikev Stalonos of the Company of the Spell and Sword at the Black-Heart Lily in Mirros. First come, first served.

A natural cure for the Kobold Flu, which ran rampant in the Hardanger Mountains this year, is available at Fordson's Herbs and Spices in Soderfjord. If you are coughing, sneezing and have a runny nose [as well as -2 Str, Con, Cha and -1d6 Dex. Ed.] and you or someone around you has been in the Hardangers recently, then you have it. Why sit around and look feeble for the month or two it takes to get over it? Come to Fordson's Herbs and Spices, where a cure is only 5 gold markkas. Guaranteed to work within a week and completely non- magical.

Gastenoo's World of Adventure on Safari Island, Ierendi, is inviting you on an adventure. The Original. The Best. The One You Don't Want to Miss. Experience the thrill and excitement of your very own adventure. Learn what it takes to be a tough and wise adventurer. Completely safe - little pain and no permanent injuries.

If you need a great army, the Lion's Legion is what you are looking for. Guaranteed the best trained mercenaries, militant wizards, and war priests this side of the Great Wastes. Awarded several medals during the war with Alphatia. We supply our own equipment and healing. Prices are negotiable depending on the mission and how many men are needed. Those wishing to hire us must obtain a charter granting the Lion's Legion permission to operate within the nation in question. Can be contacted at the Lion Legion's barracks in Thyatis City.

Looking for a Instant Fortress [Daern's. Ed.]. If anyone would happen to have such a magical item and be willing to part with it, please contact Master Tremanorius of the College of Lucinius, Thyatis City. Willing to negotiate price.

Need to travel quickly? Contact Cardia's Carpet Service. Can bring up to two passengers on a flying carpet to and from anywhere in the Kingdom of Karameikos. Cost is 2 gold royals/person/mile for 2 passengers, or 5 gp/mile for just one passenger. Send reservations to Cardia's Carpet Service, Westron Alley, Merchant District, Mirros.