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Great School Advanced Courses

by Markus Olavi Montola

In addition to basic courses
Conjure Companion
Spell Combination
Quick Casting
Mandragora Science
Agility Training

following courses are open IMC for *graduated* students

Specialisation - Student may choose his area of specialisation (agreed by DM). His research costs on the field of expertise are cut down by a quarter.

Basics of Construction - Student is taught to create simpler constructions, though the prices are high (and mostly explained in the monster descriptions). The caster must still research the formulas for every creature specifically.

Advanced Construction - More complicated constructions (say, 8+ HD or a couple of asterisks) are taught to create.

Spell Identification - An Int check tells mage instantaneously which spell his opponent is casting, but the mage must know the spell also.

Magical Analysis - As I have disallowed Analyse and Identify IMC, this course is useful. Researching properties of a magical item costs 100dc per level of spell in the item.

Monster Lore - Int-check tells the magical properties of any monster encountered by the mage, but this may be modified if the creature is not magically interesting (gnoll) or is exotic or unique.

Necrology - Monster-lore for Undead.

Cosmology - Basics of planar metaphysics. Allows spell research on planar effects.

Enchantment - Unless the caster takes the enchantment course, his enchantment costs are one quarter higher than described in Gaz3.

One may be chosen for each level, and they cost one ducat per day until the mage gets a level.