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Adventurer's Guild Modules with Possible Ties to Mystara

by Håvard

80 adventures were released to retailers through something called the Adventurer's Guild. Here are a few that could have connections to Mystara:

Final Exam 1999 Rhias Hall AD&D Generic College of Wizardry Mystara (Glantri City) is one of the possible locations for the College of Wizardry.
Marooned on Jakandor: Island of War 1999 Harold Johnson AD&D Generic Jakandor: Island of War Locating Jakandor on Mystara is probably controversial, but included for future reference.
The Displaced 1999 Ed Stark AD&D Greyhawk Return to the Keep on the Borderlands Return to the Keep on the Borderlands was originally written for Mystara and then quickly retconned to Greyhawk with many Mystara references still intact. Is the same true for this prelude module? See further discussion here.