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Adventurers, Mages and Heroes

Anand Brishnapur: Anand is a fighting mystic of the Shehid Order in Sind. He has travelled throughout the land with the Prophet Sitara, righting wrongs and doing good. Although he dislikes politics and wars, the current situation in Sind has forced him to act as a military adviser and trainer for the Freedom Warriors.

Born: AC 980. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Clear, pale brown. Height:6'.

Appearance: Thin, with muscles like steel cords. Bears a scar on his chest from a past conflict with a member of Sind's ruling class. Always wears a serious expression. Anand dresses in beggar's rags to show that he is not ashamed to be mistaken for a Kuliya (the lowest caste in Sind).

Combat Notes: AL LG; AC 1; MV 12; human male Fighting-Monk of Gareth 11; hp 40, THAC0 14; #AT 2; Dmg special (as per Martial Art) or 1d6+4 (quarterstaff +3); S17 D14 C11 I12 W16 Ch12; ML 15. Weapon Specialisation: martial arts, 3 slots (+3 to hit and damage, +3 chart bonus).

Magical Items: Ring of quickness, quarterstaff +3, gloves of missile snaring.

Chukri of the Manasir: Chukri is a young Makistani warrior of the Manasir tribe who has shown his bravery and battle prowess during the civil war in Ylaruam. He sided with the Kin faction, which eventually won the war. Chukri has now left the army, but still receives the respect and honour of his former rank. He now wanders on his own, looking for more glory, treasure, and honour for himself and his tribe.

Born: AC 995. Hair: Black, worn long and braided with bits of leather. Eyes: Brown. Height: 5'8".

Appearance: He is short and heavy-boned, with epicanthic eye folds. His nose is large, from an injury which never properly healed; he often rubs it.

Combat Notes: AL LN; AC 7 (leather, Dexterity bonus); MV 12; human male F8; hp 76, THAC0 13; #AT 2; Dmg: 1d8+8 (scimitar +3, STR, specialised); S18(54) D15 C15 I15 W10 Ch10; ML 14. Weapon Specialisation: scimitar.

Magical Items: Scimitar +3 flames on command.

Geoffrey of Grunturm: Born in the Heldannic town of Grunturm, Geoffrey had many disagreements with the Heldannic Knights in his youth. He therefore adventured in Norwold, becoming a hero of renown for his good deeds and great kindness. He has since returned to his homeland to help overthrow the tyrannical Heldannic Knights.

Born: AC 962. Hair: Grey; beard and moustache. Eyes: Blue. Height: 6'1".

Appearance: Geoffrey is a tall, well-built, imposing man.

Although he keeps fairly fit and looks about a decade younger than he is, he's developed a slight paunch.

Combat Notes: AL LG, AC -4/0 (platemail +3, shield +3); MV 12, human male C20; hp 87; THAC0 8; #AT 1; Dmg 1d6+4 (footman's mace +3, +5 vs. undead); S10 D11 C17 I10 W15 Ch9; ML 18.

Magical Items: Platemail +3, shield +3, footman's mace +3(+5 vs. undead), scarab of protection.

Haldemar of Haaken: Haldemar is a Prince of Floating Ar and Captain of the skyship Princess Ark. He is an unpredictable Alphatian aristocrat who does everything with style. Prince Haldemar has travelled throughout - and in - Mystara. He was last seen travelling on a mission through the Hollow World. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Born: AC 911 (apparent age 60). Hair: black tinged with grey, worn long and tied back. Eyes: Deep blue. Height: 5'11".

Appearance: Pale-skinned, prefers knee-high boots, dark blue pants and cloak, and a white, laced shirt.

Combat Notes: AL CG; AC 5 (ring of protection +3, Dexterity bonus); MV 12; human male M17/T4, advances as mage; hp 39; THAC0 15; #AT 1; Dmg 1d4+2 (dagger +2) or by spell; S10 D16 C11 I17 W12 Ch15; ML 10; PP 15%, OL 15%, FT 10%, MS 60%, HS 60%, DN 25%, CW 60%, RL 35%.

Magical Items: Dagger +2 of warning, pouch of security, wand of disintegration, wand of fire, wand of lightning, ring of protection +3.

Misha Mananov: Misha was born in the Black Eagle Barony, which she fled at the age of 15. She took shelter with the Church of Traladara and soon became one of their priestesses. She has once again started to wander, making the pacification of goblinoids her own personal mission. She is currently in the Northern Reaches doing her best to end the violent goblinoid incursions in the area. Her pet white wolf "Kitten" is always by her side.

Born: AC 981. Hair: Black, worn long and tied back. Eyes:

Brown. Height: 5'4".

Appearances: Misha is an extremely attractive Traladaran woman. She almost always has a smile and warmness visible in her eyes.

Combat Notes: AL LG; AC 3 (chain mail +2); MV 12; human female C12; hp 60; THAC0 14; #AT 1; Dmg 1d6+3 (staff +3) or by spell; S11 D14 C15 I15 W17 Ch17; ML 14.

Magical Items: Chain mail +2, staff +3, ring of levitation.

Bergthor "the Wild" Mordson: Born of the Oberbeck clan in Soderfjord, Bergthor is devout to the warrior ways of Thor. He almost became a priest of Thor, but decided to remain a warrior instead and merely follow Thor's warrior code. Bergthor has shown his might and prowess with a warhammer during the raid on the Falun Caverns, and to this day continues to attack and defeat the hordes of goblinoids in his homeland.

Born: AC 994. Hair: Red, worn long, but tied back before combat. Also has a small beard. Eyes: Icy-blue. Height: 6'2".

Appearance: Bergthor is a tall and imposing man who enjoys looking down on those he perceives as weak. He is proud and violent, the traditional hero of Soderfjord.

Combat Notes: AL CN; AC 1 (Chainmail +2, shield, Dexterity bonus); MV 12; human male berserker F9; hp 75; THAC0 12; #AT 2' Dmg 1d4+8 (warhammer +2, specialisation, STR bonus); S18(93) D15 C16 I9 W8 Ch14; ML 16; Weapon Specialisation: war hammer.

Magical Items: Chainmail +2, warhammer +2, horn of Valhalla.

Ricardo "The Great" : Ricardo is a wandering hero in the Savage Baronies who claims to be the greatest swordsman alive. Unfortunately, he is completely incompetent with any weapon, but this does not stop him from making his claim. It seems he also has the reputation of being the luckiest man alive and manages to win any confrontation regardless. The fact that his kind heart and good deeds have also made him powerful friends and allies also help keep him alive, despite his annoying, childish, and somewhat arrogant attitude.

Born: AC 886 (apparent age 28; he was trapped by a magical spell and placed in suspended animation for a century. He was freed in AC 1010.). Hair: Dark brown, tinted slightly red. Eyes: Green. Height: 5'11".

Appearance: Ricardo is thin, almost to the point of being skinny. He wears a continuous comical grin of triumph, even when he is merely haggling for a better price at the market.

Combat Notes: AL CG; AC -1 (banded mail, ring of protection +2, Dexterity bonus); MV 12; human male F5; hp 22; THAC0 20 (because of his incompetence with weapons); #AT 1; Dmg 1d8+3 (longsword +3, luckblade); S10 D17 C9 I11 W12 Ch14; ML 14; Special defence: Legacy of Luck.

Magical Items: Luckblade +3, scarab of protection, luckstone (stone of good luck), ring of protection +2.

Sitara Rohini: Sitara became the Prophet of the Immortal Gareth in AC 1011 after receiving visions in her dreams. She has since wandered Sind, performing miracles in the name of her Immortal and spreading the faith of Gareth. Recently, Sitara has been forced out of her temple at Karakandar by the Huleans. She has since joined the Freedom Warriors of Sind and uses her skills to help overthrow Hule's grip on Sind.

Born: AC 993. Hair: Black, worn in a long braid. Eyes: Black. Height: 5'5".

Appearance: Sitara is slight and very graceful. Kind and generous, she makes friends easily.

Combat notes: AL LG; AC 6 (Dexterity bonus); MV 12; human female Pr5 of Gareth; hp 31; THAC0 19; #AT 1; Dmg 1d6+3 (Staff of Gareth equivalent to staff +3) or by spell; S10 D18 C9 I13 W18 Ch15; ML 14.

Magical Items: Scroll of illumination, Staff of Gareth.

Verri Smoothvoice: Born in the Five Shires, Verri moved to Darokin to learn what it was like in the human world. She has since acquired a reputation of being able to gather information of all kind, from who's who in the underworld to rumours of treasures from around the world. Her connections have made her one of the most successful merchants in Darokin. She also sponsors many adventurers to acquire the treasures which would be too dangerous for her to go after herself. She can often be found roaming the Known World looking for business or a profit to be made.

Born: AC 952. Hair: Blond, cut short. Eyes: Brown. Height: 3'2".

Appearance: Verri has a nice round belly acquired from the ability to purchase all the food she wants. She has a very disarming smile and can find her way into almost anyone's confidence.

Combat Notes: AL N; AC 8 (leather); MV 6; halfling female T6; hp 19; THAC0 18; #AT 1; Dmg 1d4 (dagger); S9 D13 C12 I15 W13 Ch17; ML 10; PP 65% OL 50% FT 45% MS 35% HS 35% DN 45% CW 45% RL 25%.

Magical Items: None.

Thurgg: Thurgg is an orc of the Dark Fangs clan living within the Black Mountains near Hule. He joined the military of Hule and participated in the conquest of Sind. There, he met Anand and Sitara. He became so impressed with their prowess and fierce dedication to their beliefs that he joined their order of Gareth. He has since returned to his clan and is attempting to "civilise" them; to bring them out of their violent ways and also turn them to the worship of Gareth.

Born: AC 996. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Dark green. Height: 6'4".

Appearance: Thurgg stands straight and at attention, evidence of his military training. He has a large right fang which protrudes from his mouth at all times.

Combat Notes: AL LN; AC 4 (chain mail, Dexterity bonus); MV 12, orc male fighting-monk of Gareth 3; hp 16; THAC0 20; #AT 1; DMG special (as per martial art) or 1d8+2 (long sword); S18 D15 C16 I11 W12 Ch12; ML 15.

Magical Items: None.