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The Adventures Within

Book III is the treasure trove of the bold adventurers who bravely leave their cosy homes to face the dangers of the big wild world of Mystara. These foolhardy characters, whom I like to call Plucky Challengers (my good friend Dorrik calls them Poor Chumps instead), strap on arms and armour, sharpen their daggers, pray to their Immortal patrons, or compile travelling spellbooks, and ride and sail and fly and burrow to the strangest places, righting wrongs and slaying foul beasts, to gain fame, riches, and power. They are the shakers and movers of Mystara, who shape events in the service of the greatest kings, or in the name of powerful Immortals, or at the behest of rich guilds, or simply for their own puny selves. As they constantly put their lives in jeopardy, many die terrible deaths, but the bravest become men and women to be feared or respected: rulers of nations, heroes of legend, epitomes of mastery, or universal scholars, who rival the Immortals Themselves.

The world of Mystara is full of opportunities for such adventurous fellows, and their handiwork can often be seen in the Events. This book contains samples of the adventures that were related to us by some of those hardy souls.

A group of adventurers investigated a series of gruesome murders in a remote Darokinian village, but little did they know what horror their inquiry would lead them to-something truly from outside this world, for It Came from Outer Space.

In Ambyrmont, the good city of Threshold suffered at the hand of a wicked tribe of bugbears and their infamous bronze golem, as they rampaged through the town and plundered at their leisure. Baroness Aleena Yurevich sent for adventurers to put an end to the menace, and unravel the secret of the Legend of the Bronze Warrior.

A terrible civil war has ravaged the eastern Peninsula of Esterhold, pitting Alphatians and some Jennites that believe in peaceful coexistence against rebel Jennites and their wild brethren from the Steppes of Jen. Battles were fought, and cities torched, with the Alphatians withdrawing to their best-defended cities while the Jennites pressed on. Both sides called upon adventurers to help them achieve victory during such troubled time Where Brothers War.

Belzamith Fingertackles