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The Future of Aengmor

by Mike Harvey

I was thinking about the current state of Aengmor (the colony) and thinking about it's future. Personally I think it is more interesting if Alfheim is *not* restored. Some possibilities:

(1) Fire could ravage the tinder-dry forest. It could be a natural fire (started by lightning) or it could be arson, perhaps set by a bitter and deranged Alfheim elf. By this time next year, all that is left are charred stumps. (Alternately, the trees could slowly die and the forest recede, the fungus dies, and finally nothing remains but grass.)

This leaves a arid wasteland filled with grass, cacti, and bandits. The shadow elves still live in tunnels beneath the region, though monsters have moved into the abandoned tunnels. The stone buildings of the shadow elves form the nucleus of trading posts and outlaw villages. Darokin has been unable to subdue the area, and some Ethengars have been crossing the mountains into the northern part of the plain, expanding their territory. Due to bandit activity, Selenica has become isolated and largely independent, and though still nominally Darokinian, has been flirting diplomatically with the Ylari and the Karameikans. There are frequent skirmishes between various factions: Darokinians, bandits, Ethengars, humanoids, Selenican patrols.

(2) The evil magic spreads and strengthens, and prevents the disappearance of the forest. Monsters continue to move in, and even the Shadow Elves withdraw from the more wild areas. A powerful Black Hag moves into the eastern wood, supported by an army of goblins and ogres; she becomes known as the Witch of Aengmor.

(3) The region dries out and the forest disappears as in (1). With the trees (and shade) gone, the shadow elves leave. Darokin claims the land and opens it for colonisation; a few hardy souls move in. Then humanoids from the Dwarfgate Mountains begin crossing the plain and raiding Selenica and the settlers; Mealidor becomes a base for adventurers (hired by Darokin) to protect the settlers. One adventurer builds a castle (with Darokin's blessing) and begins to pacify the region. But the adventurer is Chaotic and has ulterior motives; he strengthens his power base and declares himself king of an independent country. Darokin has problems elsewhere and only mounts a half-hearted response. A new kingdom is born. (this is a little farfetched but would be a good adventure for a high level PC)

The Future of Aengmor

by Giampaolo Agosta

Another possibility:

At some point in the future, someone (al-Kalim himself, in a future incarnation, perhaps) finds the way to fulfil the Desert Garden prophecy: just as the elves pulled the water out of Ylaruam centuries ago, enough weather magic could be gathered to restore the climatic conditions. Since Ilsundal has enough problems with the elves outside Aengmor and Rafiel is mostly ignorant of the Nithian empire history, there are few adverse forces, while al-Kalim and Protius will support the attempt (and perhaps so will do Atzanteotl, for his own reasons). As rain is reduced in Aengmor, the land dries, and the dying trees cannot be supported anymore. In order to prevent the deforestation, which would prove fatal to the Shadow elven control of Aengmor, the Shadow elven mages are in need of another massive incantation.

Unfortunately, Atzanteotl steps in once more, and corrupt shadow elves help him, persuading their colleagues that the forest cannot be saved without extreme measures: with an enormous magical effort, the entire forest is petrified. The shadow elven wizards collapse from exhaustion, and the weaker among them die. While Aengmor is deprived of mages, followers of Atzanteotl attack from Oenkmar. At this point, they conquer at least half of the forest, which becomes a battle field for the following decade.

Meanwhile, the increased rains on the Alasiyan desert cause great transformations: the land is now able to support a population three times higher than those of the Emirates. There is a sudden influx of immigrants from bordering lands, as al-Kalim cause the Kin faction to fall from power (he needs the immigrants, now). Many nomads settle in now rich lands, and the Ylari culture evolves deeply.

The underground city of Cynidicea is flooded, and as its population is forced to surface, the surface Cynidicea is rebuilt.

As in other scenarios, Selenica is virtually insulated from Darokin, and it is probably destined to become the seventh emirate of Ylaruam.