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AERIA (Kingdom of)

Location: Alatian Islands, the Sea of Dawn, southeast of the Isle of Dawn. AS

Area: 49,384 sq. mi. (127,905 sq. km.).

Population: 17,000 (10,000 in Feather Fall, including university staff, faculty, and 5,000 students). [Population figures are tentative, pending census. Ed.]

Language: Alphatian (Alatian dialect, various dialects among the students and faculty).

Coinage: Alphatian Standard: crown (gp), mirror (sp), judge (cp).

Taxes: 10% income tax, a tax of 5% on the wages of Aerian wizards, and an import/export tax of 2% on magical items and components, and 1% on all other goods (Naycese kingdoms and Karameikos excluded). 10% of tax revenue goes to the imperial treasury.

Government Type: Semiautonomous monarchy, member of Nayce.

Industries: Agriculture and teaching of magic.

Important Figures: Aiklin (King, General and Headmaster of the University, human, male, M20).

Flora and Fauna: With its proximity to Aegos and Gaity, there are numerous escaped creatures from those kingdoms found on Aeria.

Further Reading: Dawn of the Emperors boxed set, previous almanacs.

Description by Allstrick.

Aeria has long cherished its pursuits and studies of the aerial magics. Those fluent with Alphatian history should be aware of the ties between air magic and the Alphatian migration to this planet. In many ways, I have always viewed Aeria as being highly symbolic of the old empire. For this reason, I have recently lost much respect for the kingdom for its actions following the Great War, not to mention the invaluable information that the Thyatians gained from the university for its own skyship pursuits. This proves most troublesome to me, as Aeria had been one of my most cherished stopover points... back when I was much younger and much more prone to wandering the lands.

The Land

Aeria is an island kingdom, part of the Alatian Islands. Within its confines one will find forests to the west and south. To the north is the capital of Feather Fall, firmly nestled among a large range of high hills. The eastern portion of the island is mostly low rolling plains. These plains are heavily cultivated, making Aeria a rather prosperous agricultural base. This is quite a feat as over half of the kingdom's populace lives in the capital city of Feather Fall.

The keystone for Aeria's magical trade and reputation derives from the University of Air Magics. The university has always been a focal point to the spellcaster. That trait has luckily been preserved despite the war and the subsequent Thyatian occupation. Any spellcaster worth his salt will have to visit the university. There, one may be privileged to bear witness some of the amassed volumes of arcane knowledge. Luckily, the bulk of this collection still remains intact even after the occupation. I do have to wonder how much of this priceless knowledge is now in Thyatian hands and being incorporated into the Thyatians' own skyship designs.

Those privileged enough... well spellcasters... may be allowed to see some of the air magics put to work. Though small by pre-war Alphatian standards, the university still dwarfs the Karameikan school in regards to size and number of attending students. Among other venues, the university has some facilities to create, maintain and study airships. With the fleet depleted, work in the skyshipyards is rather robust. Though the facilities are limited in size, visitors should be able to witness various stages of enchantments being carried out by the university staff and students.

The People

The majority of the Aerian populace is Alphatian. There is also a noticeable Karameikan minority, mostly students in attendance at the university as part of the exchange program with the Karameikan school. With quiet Aeria now thrust into the new heart of Nayce, one would expect to see a heavy military presence. Already one can see a certain influx of Naycese military personnel. Since some of the troops I saw wore the insignia of the forces of [censored. Ed.] one can expect Nayce's military might on the island will increase.

The people of Aeria are still feeling the effects of the war. Though they suffered no real war damage, their less-than-concerted resistance to the Thyatians has scarred their personal pride and prestige within Nayce. They are highly sensitive to most references to their kingdom's conduct following the war. As such one may wish to avoid bringing the matter before them, especially since one third of the island is affiliated with the university and therefore a spellcaster.

Recent History

The island kingdom of Aeria is part of the Alatian Islands. As with the other Alatians, Aeria never managed to manifest itself into the grandiose mould that its artisan patrons desired. Even the vaunted University of Air Magics was not a major academic facility back in pre-war times. Of course, much of that has changed. Following the war, Aeria swore fealty to the Thyatian Empire as the legions gobbled up Alphatian lands. In my opinion this was a bit premature as the Thyatian expansion was soon after halted by Thothian and Alphatian forces. However, during its brief occupation Thyatis gained much invaluable insight into centuries of Alphatian airship techniques.

After the Treaty of Dawn, Aeria regained its independence and became a member of Nayce. Under the Naycese banner, Aeria's air magics have found a steady market in the rebuilding and maintenance of the depleted airship fleet. Personally I think that this dependence has done much to have Nayce and its kingdoms forgive Aeria for its behaviour after the war. Of course, time will be the true factor.

Don't Miss

As mentioned, visitors should wangle a tour of the university. Those not inclined to do so... or that do not meet the criteria... can spend a few leisurely days in Feather Fall, enjoying the local flavour. The capital boasts numerous businesses that support and entertain the mages studying at the school. So a certain degree of comfort can be expected. Also, one may find the rural landscape of the island inviting. If you are on the island during a stopover on a seagoing voyage, spending a few days in the country may be the best remedy for a case of the "sea legs."

Do Miss

There really is not a great deal to worry about on the island. It's an old imperial possession and it has been settled for some time. Of course there are the possibilities of encountering several types of dangerous creatures. One must remember that with so many mages, there is great opportunity for summoned and created creatures. It should be remembered that many of these pets escaped their bonds and may be running amuck. However, anyone familiar with Alphatia should be aware of this and any surprise encounters should be expected.