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African Monster Variants

by Håvard

First of all, what is M-Africa?

M-Africa is not a specific part of Mystara. Rather it refers collectively to various parts of Mystara with African inspired cultures and nature. These include, but may not be limited to:

Instead of making up just new monsters for this region, I'd like to examine existing creatures in BECMI that might be given a twist to fit an "African" atmosphere.

Animals: Ant (Giant), Ape (White), baboon (Rock), Boar, Elephant, ]Bear (Atlas- stats as Black Bear), Camel, , Rhinoceros, Hippopotamus, Herd Animals (Zebra, Antilope, Gazelle), Hyena, Cheeta, Ape, Hippopotamus, Great Cat (Lion, Cheeta, Panther/Leopard), Centipede, Crab (Giant), Rat, Snake (Various),Spider (Giant), Toad

Rakasta: Simbasta live in the Arypt, Caracasta, Servasta, Pardasta and Ocelotl are also found on Davania. Cloud Pardasta are found in the Empire of Tangor.
Pachydermion: One of the largest Stone Cities of the Pachyderminons is found on Davania.
Hyena-men: Another name for Gnolls
Zebrataurs (described in the Arica fan articles)
Minotaur, Wildebeest: It is unknown whether these humanoids are actually related to Minotaurs, but they are somewhat similar in appearance.
Dryad, Omilayo: These creatures resemble beautiful Tanagoro women.
Athach, davanian: This is a dark skinned three armed giant. They often dress in lion skins and wield brutal looking clubs.
Treant, Baobab: These tall Savannah Trees are intelligent creatures related to Treants.