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After Alfheim... what happened?

by Joe Kelly

After Alfheim was ravaged as was mentioned on the Mystara site, the refugees flee West to Darokin and North through the Broken Lands.

As the Emerald legion (now only about 5,000) gathers itself, 3000 act as escort for the main body of elves who go North through the Broken Lands. The remaining 1500 act as a delaying force to hold off the massing Shadow Elves and continue to set fires to the now dead and dry forest. 500 help lead more refugees to the lands of Darokin.

In the Broken Lands:

King Thar seeing 10,000 refugees headed for his realm rubs his hands together in glee as he envisions the spoils....

General Iron Claw contacts the General of the Broken Lands legion, General Bone Trader and arranges safe escort through the Broken Lands.

As the Hordes descend to the long column of refugees, it is intercepted by a large group of Skull Warriors wearing red capes (the Broken Lands Legion) Thar is told by General Bone Trader that the huge column of refugees is under the protection of his legion. Thar tells Bone Trader that he is sworn his duty to Thar's rule. The general agrees, and replies that these orders come from his Lord Night Bay himself. He will abide by any other command of Thar but the refugees of Alfheim are under the protection of the Broken Lands legion and the remnants of the Emerald legion. Thar knows his forces would be slaughtered in such a battle. He glares at Bone Trader and tells him he owes Thar a favour. Bone Trader merely shrugs and says he is at Thar's will, just not in this one instance.

What this means: Little Kobold known as Kol, speaks to many of the other chiefs and points to Thar's backing down against the legion. He says this shows Thar to be a weak leader. Of course Kol knows that by the time he can accomplish a coup, the Alfheim refugees will be well out of his territory and he won't have to back up his threats of what he would do because the refugees will be long gone.

Thar decides to attack Glantri:

Thar's hordes decide to attack the realm of Glantri, his forces do fairly well up to the point of the capital city and surround it. It is a standoff.

Kol secretly approaches the Legion of Glantri and tells the Legion of Thar's weak spots. Kol then goes to Glantri and offers that if he can influence enough of the tribes to pull out he would like to become a prince (of what is now New Kolland) The legion of Glantri breaks the siege, and Kol gets his wish, he points to Thar's weakness as a leader and gains the new crater and surrounding area as New Kolland. Kol is the new king of the Ten Tribes.