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Aged Master Mystic Variant

by Giampaolo Agosta

Aged Master
The following is a set of options for 16th level Mystics who have renounced the leadership of their monastery, becoming hermits in remote regions.

The standard progression for maximum level characters assumes a new Weapon Mastery every 200,000 XP.

With this variant, every 400,000 XP after level 16, the Aged Master can exchange a Weapon Mastery slot for one of the following:

Four sample tracks follow. A track can only be followed by Mystics using the appropriate fighting style


(in this track, power names on the right are more appropriate for Mystics from Thyatis, Traldar Kingdoms, Milenian City States, etc)




Obviously, none of this stuff has been tested, so use at your own discretion

Further ideas I've been toying with: