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Jellyfish, Agrisian

by John Walter Biles

Agrisian Jellyfish are found in the Hollow World in the vicinity of the Milenian empire. They travel in swarms and are vicious carnivores who will try to eat anything smaller than themselves. Which is to say, just about anything. They radiate an eerie glow which attracts fish and other prey, but which adventurers will probably be grateful for its assistance in finding them; this vastly hampers its stealth abilities at night. Lake Agrisa is full of whirlpools and they often ride the thermals around them up from the depths, then prey on things trapped in the whirlpool.

Agrisian Jellyfish, Level 6 Brute
Huge natural beast (jellyfish) XP 250
Initiative +6 Senses Perception +6
HP 89; Bloodied 44
AC 18; Fortitude 18, Reflex 17, Will 17
Resist Fire 5 Poison 5
Speed --; Swim 4
m Engulf (standard; at-will)
Reach 3; +7 vs. Reflex; 1d10+4 and the target is Restrained and pulled adjacent to the Jellyfish; treat as a normal Grab for purposes of escape.
M Stingers (standard; at-will) | Poison
Only those who are Restrained, Unconscious, or Stunned can be targeted. +8 vs. Fortitude; 2d6+4 Poison Damage and 5 ongoing Poison damage (save ends)
Pack Attack
An Agrisian Jellyfish deals an extra 1d6 damage against an enemy adjacent to two or more of the jellyfish’s allies.
Alignment Unaligned Languages ---
Skills Acrobatics (water) +11, Athletics +12; Stealth (Day) +11, Stealth (Night) +1
Str 19 (+7) Dex 16 (+6) Wis 16 (+6)
Con 19 (+7) Int 2 (–1) Cha 2 (-1)