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Cities of the Aurum Hounds

by ViktorD20

The City of Luboli
The free city of Luboli. Originally ruled by Triarchs, the city was a slum for those without wealth. The Wealthy 10, as they were called by the people, were the ruling elite, who cared much more about their own gain, rather than the people's well being. The city's livable areas are extremely cramped, and education and healthcare were expensive and poor in quality. Eventually a rebellion broke out, to which the Triarchs reacted by hiring the Aurum Hounds, a mercenary faction led by a siege expert, a master assassin, and a cavalry master. The rebellion was stopped, but when the triarchs tried to slither out of paying, the siege captain, Ollanus Bronco, along with his companions Alexandra Misaron, and Nikovik Polachovitz led the peasants in a new rebellion against the Triarchs, and the Wealthy 10 were tossed into the ocean. Over time other free cities of the Unknown World, the cities of Bellion and Slanivon, began falling to the Aurum Hounds, who have become one of the largest mercenary factions outside of the Known World. They rule the cities to this day, and take much better care of them, with affordable healthcare and education, as well as well trained soldiers, and legalized worship of Immortals, something the Triarchs banned.

The City of Bellion
Bellion is the second of the free cities of the Unknown World. Ruled by the exiled Knight of the Griffon, Nikovik Polachovitz, the city was once ruled by the Free King Kalath. He continued to defy the Aurum Hounds for several months, until Nikovik found a weak section of wall. Ollanus collapsed the wall, and Nikovik and his followers, the Knights Tiger, the Polchov Fellowship, and the Serpent Cutters stormed the gap. The Free King didn't realize his defeat until Nikovik's warhammer was several inches into his skull. The city was taken over and Nikovik became its Free Lord, abolishing many of the Free King's policies, and burning down the temple of Thanatos that the Free King had built.

The City of Slanivon
Slanivon is the third and final free city controlled by the Aurum Hounds. It is called the "City of Shadows" for its prestigious assassin college, founded by the free lady Alexandra Misaron. The city was originally controlled by a terrible warlord known as the King of Pikes, and his army was so elite they could not be defeated on the open field or on the walls of the city, something that both Ollanus and Nikovik found out the hard and painful way. However, one day a maiden came to the city and the King of Pikes took a liking to her, marrying her after driving off the Aurum Hounds. However, this was a trick, as the lady was Alexandra, who proceeded to poison her husband and his entire army. The city was taken by the mercenaries, and Misaron was elevated to the position of the free lady of Slanivon.

The City of Sartroc
Sartroc is a small island city off the coast of Slanovan. The city is controlled by mercenary pirates the Aurum Hounds befriended during their conquest. The island is led by a council of pirate lords that sell their services to various clients. The island is also under an oath to act as a last bastion should the Aurum Hounds ever find themselves on the receiving end of a beating. The towers of the city are outfitted with cannons purchased from smugglers from the Savage Baronies to the east. According to the men operating the cannons, they lost many trying to get them back home while being hounded by Inheritors.