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The Aurum Hounds Leadership

by ViktorD20

The Aurum Hounds are led by three main commanders, the Free Lords. These three come from around the Known and Unknown World, and despite their differing origins, they are nigh inseparable during times of crisis. The Free Three, as some call them, each lead a city they take pride in having conquered back when the Aurum Hounds were still roaming mercenaries.

Ollanus Bronco
A Thyatian noble's bastard son, Ollanus has spent much of his life fighting. He studied various tactics, military reports, and history books, and eventually developed a keen mind for siege warfare. He is a master in both siege offense and defense alike, knowing how to create cracks in the enemy's defense as well as how to prevent them. He prefers wearing heavy plate armor and wielding a two handed morning star, which was gifted to him by a group of dwarves after he helped them in a battle against some stone giants. It's enchanted and when struck on the ground, creates a 20 foot earthquake that knocks enemies down. He is the lord of the city of Luboli.

Nikovik Polachovitz
An exiled Traladaran Knight of the Griffon, Nikovik, or Niko, as he is called by friends, found his way to the west, where he managed to bring on him the wrath of a Hulean warlord. After running even further west, he was cornered with a group of Sindhi warriors, and would have died, had he not realized chokepoints and pikes go well together. Utilizing the long pikes of the Sindhi, and charging the Hulean warriors with cavalry down a small cliffside path, he was able to crush the desert nomads that would have slaughtered them otherwise. The Sindhi were so grateful they offered him shelter in a small town, where Bronco and the slowly growing mercenary army found him. Taking those he had fought alongside with, Polachovitz formed the Polchov Fellowship, and later down the line the Knights Tiger, the Sind Desert Prowlers, and the Polachovitz Griffons. He rules the city of Bellion.

Alexandra Misaron
A wizard, an assassin, and a noblewoman from "a land none have heard of" (her words), Alexandra Misaron is a woman not to be messed with. She controls many assassin groups that form her most feared mercenary regiments in the field, and she has assassinated at least 8 of her husbands. She is also known for her skill in the arcane arts, controlling illusions, evocations and even the Glantrian craft of Cryptomancy. She is a close friend of Nikovik, and a frenemy to Ollanus. She is the lady of the city of Slanovan.

And lastly here's some art of Nikovik by CyArt. The other two have not been illustrated yet.