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Aurum Hounds Regiments

by ViktorD20

The Aurum Hounds command many regiments of varying origin in the Known and Unknown World, each of which is divided further into small squads that sell their services to various employers. These squads can range from 5 to 20 people in size, and they may hire anyone of similar origin.

Knights Tiger
Cavalry of Antalian origin, the Knights Tiger were once raiders that rode further and further south, until they met the Aurum Hounds. The leader of the Knights, Thialfi the Swift challenged one of the generals, Nikovik Polachovitz to a duel, which Nikovik dictated the terms of. If he lost, Thialfi could have his head as a trophy, but if he won, the raiders would reform under his command. Nikovik won, and Thialfi honored the terms of the duel. The raiders were reformed to Thialfi's Knights, and were later renamed Thialfi's Knights Tiger after a great tiger hunt during which the northmen grew fond of tiger pelts.

Long Serpent Pirates
Much less complex in origin are the Long Serpent Pirates. Sailors of varying race and origin, the pirates sell their services as privateers for hire as well as sea beast hunters. Their leader is Oln, a sea giant of great blade skill, and the captain of a giant ship known as Wave Prancer. The pirates joined the Aurum Hounds after a brief battle, and Oln was sold when he was offered a chance to make large sums of gold without being hounded by the law. Their loyalty is with Sartroc.

Bronco Besiegers
The first regiment of renown, the Bronco Besiegers were founded by no other than Ollanus Bronco. They don conical helms decorated with feathers, and they are masters of shield walls and ranged combat. Each squad leader is gifted a repeating crossbow with their name on it, making stealing one a detrimental task. Their leader is the first Aurum Hound, Ollanus Bronco.

Serpent Cutters
These hobgoblins were once a rebel group fighting in the Broken Lands, until they were driven away by the humanoids. Their leader, Seratt the Serpent led them to the southern lands where they sold their services as assassins and bounty hunters, until they came across a man named Ollanus Bronco. Bronco promised the hobgoblins great wealth and protection under his banner, and Seratt accepted with great gratitude. They were later handed over to Alexandra Misaron.

Polchov Fellowship
Originally Sindhi soldiers, this pikeman regiment was formed by Nikovik Polachovitz after a battle against a Hulean warlord and his warband. The Sindhi were so thankful to their savior that they swore themselves under his service when Nikovik joined with Ollanus Bronco and the slowly growing mercenary regiments. They're quite varied in their ethnic makeup nowadays, and are the most elite phalanx fighters for hire.

Misaron Shadows
Criminals from around the Unknown World reshaped into a deadly regiment of open field assassins. They have a built up immunity to poisons, and they only fight at night. They are known to seemingly multiply upon death with more assassins coming in to replace the fallen, which has led to unconventional ways of fighting them, such as heavy war machines and death trenches to cease their advance. Their leader is no other than Alexandra Misaron.

Polachovitz Griffons
Cavalry led by no other than Nikovik himself, the Griffons are a ruthless cavalry force consisting of warriors donning uniforms modeled after the griffon armor of the Church of Karameikos. The Griffons are known for their devastating lance charges and quick switch to swords for swift and brutal melee.

Brass Bows
Once exiles of the principality of Belcadiz, and the Savage Baronies, these marksmen left a lasting impression on their foes and their few allies alike when they first began their work as bows for hire. They initially treated the Aurum Hounds with hostility, but after their leader, Maritzio the Mad was killed in combat by Alexandra Misaron, the regiment's new leader, Brunoz the Beautiful swore loyalty to her, and they were assimilated to the regiments. They wield magic that they fuse with their bows.

Sind Desert Prowlers
Once raiders and bandits, now master camel archers, the Sind Desert Prowlers are men and women of many talent. The warriors were once herded by a terrible Sindhi warlord, Rahaj the Greedy, but after facing the Polachovitz Griffons in battle, the warlord was betrayed by his own brother, Sikhat, who swore to fight alongside Nikovik in exchange for wealth.

Ostland Choppers
Warriors from the Northern Reaches led by the fearsome Olaf Beornsson, these northerners were once lured to the south by promise of easy loot. After being surrounded by Herath soldiers, the northmen's rescue came from an unlikely source. A woman known as lady Misaron paid the leaders of the Herathi to let the men go, and all she required in exchange for saving them was loyalty. Olaf and his choppers have since become renowned widely for their ferocity that even makes berserkers pale in comparison. Truly, gold is the best motivator for any man.

Drake Flayers
Water elves led by Darell the Daring, a famed drake hunter and a former poacher who was forced to flee Minrothad after an 'inconvenient incident'. Him and his crew were caught in a terrible storm, and washed ashore close to Sartroc. From there they were found by Ollanus Bronco, who hired them as a regiment of renown, and gave them enough gold to make the Guilds forget what had happened.

Worg Riders
The Worg Riders are led by Woktan the Warrior, a hobgoblin of keen tactical mind. He and his regiment answer to no other than Ollanus Bronco, and they often battle humanoid bands along roads or if some are bothering bandit camps. Woktan is known for hiring any hobgoblins on the spot, something other regiment leaders frown upon, as hiring humanoids willy nilly is generally seen as a good way to get stabbed in the back. Woktan however, uses his Wokani brother's, Arku's, powers to keep new recruits under control until their loyalty to the regiment and the free cities is sealed.

The Far Khans
Ethengar raiders that answer to Nikovik Polachovitz and their regiment's brilliant leader, Khabul. They do not have a very colorful history, and their origins are hazy, but at some point in time, Ploachovitz bought the freedom of several Ethengarian slaves from the Golden Khan himself. No record of this transaction exists so it's assumed to be just a rumor.

Freehold Gliders
Heldannic war engineers, originally employed by the Order, were discharged after a disastrous battle against Alphatians. They were forced to leave the Freeholds to seek glory elsewhere, during which they developed their Warbird Gliders. Franzis is the name of their leader, and they were hired as air support and engineering force by Ollanus Bronco when the regiments were still in their infancy.

Blueblood Ballistas
Alphatians runaways that did not wish to die serving the empire on the Isle of Dawn. They hijacked a skyship under the leadership of their noble leader, Balmor, a disgraced son of a baron of Haaken, and sailed west, where they found the free cities and swore themselves to the Aurum Hounds. Though they do not follow any of the Free Lords, the Ballistas are fiercely loyal to their employers, and the land they call their home.