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Gone Fishin'

by Jeff Daly

>>>>To make matters worse, the mage took a long, invisible, object out of another pocket and then seemed to be fishing with it. <<<<
>> Hey, this is cool. You wouldn't happen to have the spell description for this would you? :o)
Bruce Heard<<

Actually I just made the whole thing up for effect. But I could improvise something...

Please feel free to tear this apart...but understand the initial thought behind it: I was trying to make something specifically airy and I will try to reflect this in the spell description.

Lvl 2
(Level 2 seems to be the level for non-damaging spells of some use)

For the smart-arsed mage of Alphatia, this spell actually opens a tiny wormhole to the plane of Air and extracts from it a long tube of air which becomes immediately mixed with a light coating of matter upon entering our plane. This coating holds its shape together and yet leaves it flexible. In a well lit room, against a white background, the "rod" can actually be seen as a light grey, translucent tube of swirling gas. Somewhat like a storm...

The material component is a bit (perhaps 3") of fishing line which fastens on the end, loses visibility, and elongates to a useful length.

How's that?

Tylion's Angry Angler!

Lvl 1

This spell was developed by Tylion IV in response to the famed Terari's spell. Rumour has it that Terari was furious with the former ruler and will now have nothing to do with him on account of the non-peaceful application of his original spell.

Once Terari's spell has produced the rod, Tylion's will cause it to become a whip-like weapon which the mage can use to strike an opponent up to 10' away for d10 points of damage. The rod will stick around for 10 combat rounds, as opposed to the original spells 10 minutes.