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The following list intentional omits references to the Hollow World, and all nations/cultures outside of Mystara. If any references can be included that relate to material from the 1,000 AC timeline please mention it.

I would like to expand on the units mentioned below by including the other continents and nations of the world in this era so I can have a complete picture of what the global use of Air Power is like.

Air Units/Powers in Mystara in 1,000 AC

by Giorgio

* Use of Magic Items with flying or teleport abilities are not included.

GAZ 1 - The Grand Duchy of Karameikos

GAZ 2 - The Emirates of Ylaruam

GAZ 3 - The Principalities of Glantri
- Count Emeth Urbaal of Wylon's Zeppelin
- Prince Volospin's Air Barge

GAZ 4 - The Kingdom of Ierendi

GAZ 5 - The Elves of Alfheim

GAZ 6 - The Dwarves of Rockhome

GAZ 7 - The Northern Reaches, Kingdom of Ostland

GAZ 7 - The Northern Reaches, Kingdom of Vestland

GAZ 7 - The Northern Reaches, Kingdom of Soderfjord

GAZ 8 - The Five Shires

GAZ 9 - The Minrothad Guilds

GAZ 10 - The Broken Lands

GAZ 11 - The Republic of Darokin

GAZ 12 - The Ethengar Khanate

GAZ 13 - The Shadow Elves

GAZ 14 - The Atruaghin Clans

GAZ 15 - Dawn of the Emperors, The Empire of Thyatis
- Retebius Air Corp are units from Thyatis
- Knights of the Air

GAZ 15 - Dawn of the Emperors, The Empire of Alphatia
- Skynavy
- Air Yachts

Non - Gazetteer Nations:

Heldannic Knights
- Warbirds

- Flying City
- various smaller crafts

- Legion of Doom (Warlords of the Air)
- Undead Crewed Airboats

- Rajahdhirajah Chandra ul-Nervi's Barge

- Dragons