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by Robin

From Stone Prophet (this game could well be placed in Nithia 1500BC with instead heat borders like the game says, just the cliffsides.)

Here in this game I found this plant which could well grow in any Mystara desert with some nice semi magical effects;


Mystara Information; Air spores are found in most deserts and come from the "Medicago orbicularis" plant, or “Airbloom”. It forms a symbiotic relationship with bacterium Sinorhizobium medicae, which is capable of Nitrogen fixation and large amounts of O2 and CO2 production. Growing in desert gardens and oasis, these 3 to 5 foot high thin bushes give blooms which can be found year round, and produce the Airspore seedpods. Every week 1d4 2 inch diameter round-disc-shaped Airspores can be found for every 10 plants. These bushes live no more than 2 years give blooms after 6 months, when having enough water only.
These spores when ingested whole provide the user with 4+1d4 hours of breathable air (in the perfect mixture for normal demi-human-(oids). As thus the imbiber becomes invulnerable to poisonous air, noxious gasses and even lack of air.
The spores however do not affect how acidic gasses might affect the body exterior, and items, but instead only gives air to breathe. Thus acidic, hot, or freezing gasses still give damage (-25% as this is the damage normally caused internally). It is up to the user to get away as fast as possible when gasses cause other damage, or use other means to resist that.
These spores are collected in small pouches of 10 (11cn) or 20(23cn) and sold for respectively 50 and 100 gold on Ylari and Rockhome markets. Dried Airspores are good 6 month and then start losing efficiency (-1 hour/month of age over 6). Fresh spores, are green an not usable, but need 4 hours in warm sunlight to dry.
The plants spread themselves with the tiny seeds in the spores, which come free after about an additional 6 hours, by passing through the body of the host, and only then are able to grow on the manure in the right circumstances.
The spores can also be used in Herbalogy/apothecary to help curing lung diseases. (+3 to save to cure).
This plant can be found naturally near oasis in the Ylaruam, Sind and great Davanian Desert, but it is also found on the Adri Varma Plateau, in Red Orcland and Gnollistan(Broken Lands), the drier areas north of the Savage Coast, among others. It is however NOT found on the Skothar continent, Alphatia, Dawn, Norwold, the Northern 50% of Brun or any island in between the continents. It does also not bloom on grounds with a high salt content.
From the Game AD&D2 Ravenloft, Stone Prophet, with help of Wikipedia.
This plant does NOT do the same in the Real World. Do not eat plants you do not know!! Any mishaps are your own responsibility.